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Honour-Based Violence 2020/21

Date of request: 25 May 2022
Reference: 623/22


In December 2021, the Honour-based abuse (HBA) Annual Data Return (ADR) reported 102 HBA offences were recorded in your jurisdiction during 2020-

21 – see link below table 4.


  1. Please can you share how many victims of those HBA offences were identified within your jurisdiction during 2020-21?
  2. Please can you share the breakdown of gender and age of those victims?


Please see below a table showing the total victims of occurrences flagged as honour based violence in the 2020-21 financial year.

In line with your request, the below is a count of victims of these offences, not of the number of crimes recorded.  This means victims who were involved in more than one crime have been counted only once.

In addition to the above, please note that crime figures published internally may differ slightly from those published by the Home Office.  One reason for this lies in the fact that certain crime types require additional validation before they are sent to the Home Office, meaning there is potential for delay in this data being published by the Home Office.  Additionally, whereas our database is updating at all times, the Home Office receive data just once a month.  As such, should any updates or changes to outcomes or classifications be recorded, these would not be updated in the Home Office figures until the following month.


2020/21 Female Male Unknown Sum:
18-29 30 2 1 33
30-39 29 3   32
40-49 12 2   14
50+ 3     3
Under 18 2 1   3
Sum: 76 8 1 85


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