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Mounted Section

Date of request: 16 August 2023
Reference: 992-23


  1. I would be very interested to know what the Costs of running the mounted section is for the 2021/2022 period is please.


2. I would also like to know how many horses are currently in work and how many police officers and staff are employed and how much this costs.


3. I would like to know how much of the overall police budget is allocated to the mounted section.


4. If possible I would like to find out what their average deployment looks like (how long on neighbourhood patrol, football duties, other duties).


5. And lastly whether they are solely funded by A & S budget or whether other parties such as football clubs contribute.


  1. We have identified the cost of running the mounted section was £941,000 for 2021/2022.
  2. Within Avon and Somerset Police we have 13 horses, 4 of which are currently in training. We currently have 16.4 FTE officers and staff with 1.4 FTE posts vacant. Our year to date from April to July this year is £298,000.
  3. We have identified that the mounted section is allocated 0.3% of the overall Force budget.
  4. The Freedom of Information Act relates to recorded information; there is no obligation to create information, for example by providing explanations based on opinion, knowledge or understanding, or by calculating figures such as averages or percentages, where these are not already recorded.  As such, while on this occasion we have provided an answer below, we have done so outside of our obligations under the Act.


The mounted section conduct intelligence led patrols daily varying from two to six horses out on patrol each day. Amongst these patrols we also take part in educational visits, road safety operations, work with vulnerable people and reassurance patrols.

Depending on various reasons, an average patrol is up to 4 hours.

It is difficult to quantify accurately how many football duties are attended as these changes every year. Between August and December the force is planning to resource 7 football matches in the Avon and Somerset area.  Additionally, there have been 3 mutual aid requests for mounted resources to assist other forces.  As well as football, we also attend other public order events such as protests and music / other high-profile events.

5. If horses are supplied for Mutual Aid or football matches, their costs are included in the rates we charge.


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