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Officers Reported for Sexual Assault or Harassment

Date of request: 23 March 2021
Reference: FOI1-375/21


Number of police officers reported for sexual assault or harassment and number of those where action was taken against the officer in question and number of officers dismissed as a result. From 2015 to the present if possible.


A total of 47 police officers were reported for sexual assault or harassment between 1st January 2015 and 24th March 2021. Please note this number is based on the specific number of allegations made across Conducts and Complaints.

A total of nine police officers had action taken against them as a result of the report of sexual assault or harassment. This figure is based on any action which stems from any form of upheld allegation. This could stem from Reflective Practice/ Management Action up to Dismissal.

A total of four police officers have been dismissed as a result of a report of sexual assault or harassment. Please note that of this number, two officers ‘would have been dismissed’ if they had not resigned/retired during the investigation. As the outcome of the allegation would have been dismissal.

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