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Use of 3D Recreation

Date of request: 1 September 2022
Reference: 991/22


Questions are shown below in bold.


Please see our responses beneath each question:

Q1. Does your department use any form of 3D recreation in relation to floor plans or crime scenes?

Yes – our regional forensics unit uses 3D recreation.

Q2. If yes, what devices/software do you use?

Cinema 4D and Sweet home 3D

Q3. Is the 3D recreation software you use sufficient for its purpose within your department?


Q4. Does your department use any form of CAD in relation to 2D floor plans or crime scenes?


Q5. If your department does not use any form of CAD or 3D recreational software why is this?

Not applicable. Please also note that the Freedom of Information Act relates to recorded information; there is no obligation to create information, for example by providing explanations based on opinion, knowledge or understanding, where these are not already recorded.

Q6. On average how many cases are each of these methods used per year:

  1. A) CAD
  2. B) 3D recreation software

Q7. Typically what crime types are each method used for?

  1. A) CAD
  2. B) 3D recreation software

In relation to questions 6 and 7, we do not hold the average number of cases per year, or a list of crime types in which each method is used, as recorded information. However, the answer to question 6 would be dependent on how many serious crimes come into the relevant unit during the year. Typically around 10 to 20, with the methods used also depending on the investigation. For question 7, these methods would be used for all serious crimes.

Q8. Are there any qualifying criteria for these methods to be used? (CAD, 3D recreation software)

No recorded criteria have been identified, beyond the question of whether it will aid the investigation, due diligence having been adhered to.

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