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Register of business interests

Police officers and staff are required by law to declare and have agreed to any interest in an undertaking where the money is made by themselves or others. They are encouraged to take the broadest possible interpretation of this to prevent any conflict of interest.

The interests are held by the force in a Register of Business Interests.

The Register is reviewed annually to ensure that no conflict of interest occurs and that employees comply with the European Directive on hours of work.

Interest categories

  • Property Rental: Rental of a single room, a flat in the family home, part-time rental of a holiday home and full-time rental of property at home and abroad.
  • Paid Hobby: Handicrafts and skills, selling items to friends, colleagues and a limited public to finance the hobby.
  • Self-Employed: Working alone on a variety of interests such as property maintenance, gardening and cleaning.
  • Trainer/Teacher: Any tuition such as sports coaching and driver training to college lecturing and business training.
  • Consultant/Advisor/Surveyor: Garden design, health and surveying skills.
  • Waged: Paid a wage by a business undertaking work such as driving and chauffeuring.
  • Business with Others: Company directorships, partnerships and other business arrangements where risk and reward are shared with other individuals.
  • Family Business: Being involved or assisting with a spouse or parent’s business or one with other family connections.
  • Musical Entertainer: Regularly play music in public houses and clubs for payment to those who cover their costs for occasional performances.
  • Voluntary Work: Includes both no recovery of costs and recovery of cost but no remuneration.

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