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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Charges for information

Under the terms of the publication scheme, we are required to provide details of any information that will be subject to charges.

Our charges are in line with The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) guidelines on charging for police services.

However, Avon and Somerset Police reserve the right to amend such fees to meet the demands placed on certain areas of the business.

The tables below provide an overview of the relevant charges. The charges listed will be periodically revised and updated.

Section 15 services (Table 1 to 12) are subject to VAT at the then-current rate, except where service is required by statute or authority direction.

Make cheques payable to ‘PCC for Avon and Somerset’.

Table 13 and 14 charges are set by reference to Statutory Instruments.

Table 1 – Supply of accident reports

DescriptionAmount (£)
Abstract of Collision Report, includes relevant Witness Statements (up to thirty pages)135.92
Additional pages for the same incident (per page)4.70
Limited particulars (Road Traffic Act details)35.80
Copy of self-reporting/minor accident form35.80
Forensic Collision Investigator’s report (fatal collisions)1,008.60
Scene and Reconstruction videos on disc (per recording)86.20
Rough data (per page)28.70
Scale plan – other than in collision report43.30
Police vehicle examination report71.80

Table 2 – Copies of photographs

DescriptionAmount (£)
From Digital Camera (per disc)20.30
A4 index sheet (digital)20.30
Photographs (first photo)27.50
Each subsequent photograph3.00

Table 3 – Copies of statements – other than in booklets

DescriptionAmount (£)
Per statement (up to three pages)37.00
Additional pages (per page)4.40
Copy of witness statement (witness agrees to the disclosure of, personal details)43.30
Copy of witness statement (witness does not agree to the disclosure, of personal details)57.50
Interview with a police officer (per officer)162.05
Request for a statement to be written by a police officer145.00
Copy of PIC sheets (second copy)28.70
Copy of interview record (only where prepared during the investigative process)57.50
Copies of VHS videotapes (provision for CJS)86.20
Copies of audio tapes86.40
Copies of audio tapes (provision for CJS)35.80
Copies of audio CDs/DVDs20.90

Table 4 – Cancellation charges

DescriptionAmount (£)
If the request is cancelled prior to the searchREFUND
If the search is made prior to cancellation32.90
If the search is made and documents ready for dispatch70.34
Abortive search32.90

Table 5 – Fingerprinting fees

DescriptionAmount (£)
One set97.92 including VAT
Additional sets thereafter (each)48.96 including VAT
Fingerprints taken for some countries are not subject to VAT.

Fingerprints taken for some countries are not subject to VAT.

Table 6 – UK Immigration

DescriptionAmount (£)
The total charge for the initial 1 hour detention period30.30
The total charge for each subsequent 1 hour detention period20.10
Total constant watch charge (additional to normal charges)390.71

Table 7 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)/ Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 fees

DescriptionAmount (£)
DPA 2018 – Section 7 Subject Access RequestN/A
DPA 2018 – Section 68 Health Records (Copy)N/A
DPA 2018 – Section 68 Health Records (View)N/A

DPA 2018 – Section 68 Health Records (View and then Copy)N/A

Table 8 – Copy Personnel or Medical File

DescriptionAmount (£)
Standard administration charge27.71
Charge per sheet0.21
Charge per hour of time6.94
PostageAs applicable

Table 9 – Requests for Disclosure of Information

DescriptionAmount (£)
Request for information (up to 2 hours work)91.30
Hourly rate for work above 2 hours (including redaction)30.60

Table 10 – ABI/Lloyds Disclosure of Information (ABI/Lloyds MOU)

DescriptionAmount (£)
Request (crime/lost property number, etc.) – MOU App D(a)30.60
Request (In response to specific questions) – MOU App D(b)129.80
Interview with Police Officer (per Officer) – MOU Para 4.5145.00

Table 11 – Other common items

DescriptionAmount (£)
Crime Report118.39
Incident Log37.20
PNC Convictions36.50
Caution Certificate23.90
Domestic Violence Report55.00
Occurrence Summary18.50
Custody Record18.50

Table 12 – Alarm URN Fees (Set by Secured by Design)

DescriptionAmount (£)
Alarm Registration (Intruder)44.58
Alarm Registration (Panic Alarm)44.58
Lone Worker Devices up to 10,00053.86
Lone Worker Devices 10,100 – 50,00080.79
Lone Worker Devices 50,001 and over107.73

Table 13 – Firearms Licensing Fees

DescriptionAmount (£)
Firearms certificate grant88.00
Firearms certificate renewal62.00
Firearms certificate replacement4.00
Shotgun certificate grant79.50
Shotgun certificate renewal49.00
Shotgun certificate replacement4.00
Shotgun Certificate grant (co-terminus/including Firearms Certificate)90.00
Shotgun Certificate renewal (co-terminus/including Firearms Certificate)65.00
Visitors Permit (Individual)20.00
Visitors Permit (Group)100.00
Home Office Club approval84.00
Registered firearms dealer issue (registration)200.00
Registered firearms dealer replacement (renewal)200.00
Game Fairs13.00
Variation (not like for like)20.00
Firearms Museum Licence200.00

Table 14 – Other Licensing Fees

DescriptionAmount (£)
Aliens certificates34.00
Pedlars certificates12.25
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