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Domestic Abuse Delivery Plan

Avon and Somerset Constabulary have published its domestic abuse delivery plan for the next year to demonstrate its commitment to tackling the issue, which is one of our force priorities.


  • We will be professional, friendly and interested.
  • We will listen to you.
  • We will offer advice and support where appropriate.
  • We will work with partners to keep you safe.
  • We will work to ensure feedback from victims is reflected in service improvement.
  • We will work to encourage and increase reporting of domestic abuse from all sections of society and within our workplace.


  • We will consider the voice of the child and will accurately record their presence and views where appropriate.
  • We will actively consider the risk to children, whether present or not, at all domestic incidents.
  • We will work with partners and non-offending parents to keep the child safe.
  • We will accurately record the details of all incidents involving the parents of children.


  • We will take positive and appropriate action to tackle and enforce against offending behaviour.
  • We will develop and increase the use of Body Worn Video to support victimless prosecutions.
  • We will work with partners to tackle those presenting the highest risk to victims, and serial domestic abuse perpetrators.
  • We will be an organisation that supports the Employer’s initiative around Domestic Abuse, ensuring that DA is not tolerated in the workplace.


  • We will endeavour to attend all calls relating to domestic abuse.
  • We will prioritise the safeguarding of victims and children affected by domestic abuse.
  • We will offer continuous professional development for staff working in areas tackling domestic abuse.
  • We will have senior oversight and governance of domestic abuse.
  • We will develop systems and processes to ensure staff have the right information at the right time to effectively manage risk and investigations.

What the Police Crime Commissioner says about our plan

“I am delighted to see this domestic abuse delivery plan from the Constabulary being shared publically. It is important to me that local people can see what plans the Constabulary have to improve their response to this crime.

“Tackling domestic abuse is in my Police and Crime Plan under my priority to ‘Protect the Most Vulnerable from Harm’.  This plan reinforces the Constabulary’s commitment to this priority and I particularly welcome the emphasis on working with children in the plan.

“We must recognise domestic abuse is everyone’s business and look out for our friends, neighbours, colleagues and family, so that together we can protect victims from this inexcusable form of cruelty, giving them the confidence to come forward and seek justice.

“I oversee the Constabulary’s delivery of my Police and Crime Plan at the Police and Crime Board. View the papers on my website.

What former Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Watson had to say

Domestic Abuse remains a key priority for us and we are committed to improving victim confidence and increasing the number of reports we receive.

“We will continue to work openly with our partners and share appropriate information to ensure those affected receive the support they need and children are safeguarded.

“We know early intervention is a critical part of tackling abuse. Our strategy will help identify victims and offenders at the earliest possible opportunity and will utilise early intervention and disruption tactics to prevent violence and abuse from escalating.

“Our approach gives victims at risk the support to take positive action and educates young people about the importance of respect and consent in relationships, teaching them that abusive behaviour is always wrong.”

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