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If you've been involved in an incident on the roads, or think you might have witnessed an offence, find out how to report it below.

Incident happening now

If the incident is happening now and either:

  • a vehicle has hit someone or something
  • someone is seriously injured or in danger
  • the road is blocked by the incident

Call 999 now.

If all parties have not exchanged details, report as an accident on the road here.

Incident not happening now

If the incident is not happening now and either:

  • someone was injured
  • property was damaged and all parties involved did not exchange details
  • any of the following animals were killed or injured – horse, cattle, donkey, mule, sheep, pig, goat or dog

Video Footage

If you have video footage of the incident and:

  • the incident occurred in the last 7 days
  • you are willing to provide a full statement, if required
  • you are willing to attend court, if required
  • you able to upload video footage that includes 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after the incident
  • the video footage clearly shows the registration of the other vehicle involved

Report an incident as a near miss here, if:

  • a vehicle did not hit someone or something
  • you do not have video footage of the incident