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Contacting People in Custody

You will not be able to directly contact a person in custody. 

The custody unit will not be in a position to take details of any incident or update you on the progress of any investigation.

The investigating officer(s) will contact the relevant people entitled to know when they are in a position to give an update.

Advisors on the 101 non-emergency line will not be able to give out information over the phone about a person in custody.

You will only be able to find out if a person is in custody, or get information on their wellbeing, if they give their consent.

If they are under 17 and the person enquiring is their parent or guardian, information will be given without the consent of the person.

Right to a phone call

The person in police custody has the right to a phone call and to nominate someone to be informed that they are in custody.

The police have the right to refuse permission for the phone call and nomination in exceptional circumstances. This could be in cases where a person is arrested for committing a crime and the person they wish to get in contact with has also been involved in the crime.

Rights in custody

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