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Lost and Found Property

How do I report…

lost property

If your property has been lost, you can report it by going to Report My Loss. This is the only way to report lost property in Avon and Somerset.

stolen property

If you are certain your property has been stolen, you can report it here by filling in the report a crime or incident form.

Otherwise, you will need to report it as lost property.

found property

If you find an item of lost property, you are required to contact us.

To report found property, fill in the General contact and enquiry form or call us on 101.

You may be told you are able to retain the found property.  The property must then be kept for a period of six weeks from the date of reporting the find to police. After this time you can assume ownership of the property.

Examples of items you will not be permitted to keep include computers, mobiles, electronic devices, firearms, items that contain a way of identifying the owner or are of high value.