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Lost and Found Property

What do I do if I have lost property

If your property has gone missing, you have to determine whether you believe the item has been lost or stolen.

If it has been lost you can report it by going to Report My Loss.

If you are certain your property has been stolen you can report it here by filling in the report a crime or incident form. 

What do I do if I have found property? 

If you find an item of lost property, you are required to contact us. To report found property fill in the General contact and enquiry form.

Important: All found property (except perishables) retained by the finder must be kept for a period of six weeks from the date of reporting the find to police. After this time they can assume ownership of the item(s). 

However, there are certain items you are not able to keep, these include;

  • items that contain the name or address of the owner or any other means by which the owner may be traced.
  • a computer, laptop, personal organiser, digital camera, MP3 or iPod type digital device, mobile phone handset or any part of a satellite navigation system.
  • a Postal Order
  • items which by nature or value make it unlawful or unwise for you to keep, for example cash and items of high value, firearms, keys, crash helmets.
  • government property, equipment, documents, passes or other items
  • if the item may be the subject of a crime.