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Terrorist groups seek to cause widespread disruption, fear and intimidation by using violence or the threat of violence as a means of publicising their causes, motivating those who might be sympathetic to them and intimidating those who do not sympathise.

If you think there is an immediate threat, such as a person acting suspiciously, a vehicle, unattended package or bag, call 999 immediately.

Report suspicious activity

Are you suspicious about something? We want you to look out for the unusual-activity or behaviour which strikes you as not quite right and out of place in your normal day to day life.

Trust your instincts and pass on information, no matter how insignificant it may seem:

Report terrorist material online

Examples of illegal terrorist or extremist content online include:

  • Speeches or essays calling for racial or religious violence
  • Videos of violence with messages of 'glorification' or praise for the attackers
  • Chat forums with postings calling for people to commit acts of terrorism or violent extremism
  • Messages intended to stir up hatred
  • Bomb-making instructions

To report it, go to

Help for businesses and organisations

As part of the ongoing national counter terrorism strategy, we have Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSAs) who are co-ordinated, trained and tasked by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO).

The primary role of these advisers is to provide protective and counter-terrorism security advice, to support businesses in order to reduce vulnerability to terrorist threats.

To contact the CTSAs, fill in the general contact and enquiry form.