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Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles cause an eye sore in communities, they are a prime target for acts of vandalism and can even be linked to the theft of a vehicle or other crimes. 

Local authorities have the responsibility for removal of abandoned vehicles. 

What is the Car Clear Scheme?

Car Clear is a partnership between Avon fire and rescue, Avon and Somerset police and individual local authorities. This scheme ensures the immediate removal of any vehicle within 30 minutes if it is likely to be vandalised or set alight.  

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

The number for reporting abandoned vehicles that may be at risk of fire or vandalism is: 101.

To report an abandoned vehicle which may have been involved in a crime fill in our report a crime or incident form.  

To report vehicle obstructions fill in our general contact and enquiry form.

Important: If you notice a vehicle having its parts removed call us on 999 with a full description of the on-going incident.