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If you are involved in a car accident, there may be certain steps you are required to take by law.

When should I contact the police?

You need to contact the police if:

  • Someone has been injured
  • The road or flow of traffic is blocked
  • Property has been damaged and the owner is not aware and it may cause danger to other road users

If any of the above have occurred you must remain at the scene and call 999 immediately.

Important: If you do not exchange details at the scene, you must report the accident at a police station or to a police officer as soon as possible within 24 hours. You must provide your driving licence and proof of insurance.

The same rule applies if you kill or injure one of the following animals; horse, cattle, ass, mule, sheep, pig, goat or dog and you are not able to immediately notify the owner.

When not to contact the police

You do not need to contact the police if:

  • No one has been injured
  • The road or flow of traffic is clear
  • No property has been damaged
  • There is no suspicion that the other party has acted unlawfully
  • All all parties concerned have exchanged details:
    • vehicle registration number
    • driver's name and address
    • vehicle owner's name and address
    • insurance details if an injury has been caused to someone other than yourself

It is an offence if you fail to stop at the scene of an accident or fail to report an accident in which you are involved.