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Driving Offences and Fines

Fixed penalties provide an efficient, proportionate and direct way of dealing with a wide range of motoring offences.

There are two types of fixed penalty tickets, endorsable and non-endorsable. Non-endorsable is a monetary only fine. Endorsable tickets will carry both a monetary fine and points on your driving license.

Examples of motoring offences


  • Speeding
  • Going through a red light
  • Using mobile phone whilst driving
  • Pedestrian crossing offences
  • No insurance


  • Driving a vehicle with no MOT 
  • Failure to comply with a traffic sign, for example:
    • Give way sign
    • Vehicle priority sign
    • Give way road markings 
  • Failing to wear a seatbelt 
  • Parking offences


The cost of both endorsable and non-endorsable fixed penalty fines are as below:

£50 fine, non-endorsable

£100 fine, non-endorsable

£200 fine, non-endorsable

£300 fine, non-endorsable

£100 fine, endorsable, three penalty points

£200 fine, endorsable, three penalty points

£300 fine, endorsable, six penalty points (Driving without third party insurance)

What to do if you receive a fixed penalty

On receipt of a fixed penalty you have two options available to you:

  1. Pay the penalty in full within 28 days
  2. Write to the Central Ticket Office using the contact details below requesting a court hearing if you disagree with the issuing of the notice.
    • You must enclose part 3 of the notice, properly completed and signed.

All Payments should be made using the contact details below; however, cash must not be sent through the post.

Important: Failure to pay the fixed penalty in full, within 28 days, will result in a fine of the original amount plus 50 per cent being registered against the owner of the vehicle at their local magistrates' court.

Lost tickets

If you have lost your ticket you can contact the Fixed Penalty Office or the Central Ticket Office to obtain the fixed penalty notice number. Please have the following details to hand:

  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Date and time of the alleged offence
  • Location of the alleged offence

Surrendering your driving licence

When you receive an endorsable fine, your licence must be surrendered in order for the issuing police officer/police community support officers/Central Ticket Office to check that it meets the criteria specified by the fixed penalty procedure. It will also be physically endorsed in a Magistrates’ Court.

Important: The period allowed for production and surrender of your driving licence is seven days.

If, even for reasons beyond your control, you are unable to surrender your driving licence within seven clear days, you must contact the nominated police station or the Central Ticket Office, on 0117 945 5220 explaining why you cannot produce it.

Submit dashcam video footage

If you have dashcam video footage of a suspected motoring offence, and would like to report the incident, you can upload and submit the footage here.

Useful Contacts

Regional Fixed Penalty Office

SE & SW Regional FPO
P.O Box 5992
Southend On Sea
SS1 9PX 

24 Hour Payment Line


Customer Services

01702 283860