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Non-Payment of Fuel

A customer has left without paying for their petrol

If a customer has left a petrol station or garage forecourt without making payment, (known as bilking) staff should first make a report to the police.

If there is evidence of a criminal offence, such as false number plates or involvement of a repeat offender, we will continue to investigate using the regular process.

Recover outstanding payment

Genuine mistakes can sometimes happen and in these cases garages and petrol stations are able to recover any outstanding payments through civil recovery.

This allows a garage or petrol station to obtain the vehicles details via the DVLA and contact the owner to arrange for payments to be made.

If after a reasonable attempt at civil recovery the fuel is not paid for, further action can be taken.

I have received a civil recovery letter

If you have received a civil recovery letter, it means the garage or petrol station that is writing to you, believe you have left without making payment for your fuel. Failure to respond or make payment may lead to further action being taken by the police.