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Abuse of Position for a Sexual Purpose

The professional relationship between a member of the police service and the public depends on trust and confidence.

Police personnel who display sexualised behaviour or build an improper emotional relationship towards a member of the public, who they have come into contact with through work, undermine the profession. They breach trust, exploit a power imbalance, act unprofessionally, take advantage, breach the standards of professional behaviour and potentially commit a criminal act.

These actions reflect negatively on police colleagues and have an impact on the professional relationships we have with the communities we serve.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and the Standards of Professional Behaviour set out and define the expected level of professionalism of all the Constabulary’s officers and staff.

The code of ethics states:

  • You must ensure that any relationship at work does not create an apparent or actual conflict of interest.
  • You must not engage in sexual conduct or other inappropriate behaviour when on duty.
  • You must not establish or pursue an improper sexual relationship or emotional relationship with a person with whom you come into contact in the course of your work who may be vulnerable to an abuse of trust or power.

Such behaviours will not be tolerated by the Constabulary and we welcome your support and assistance in raising the standards of policing for our communities.

Report it

If you are aware of any such behaviours, you can report an improper relationship between the police and a member of public using our online form.