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Do you want to know what the police do?

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Citizens’ Academy gives you an opportunity to learn about the day-to-day working of your local police force, experiencing what they do first-hand. The eight-week evening course will be spread over two hours per week and features a range of interesting and informative topics. During the course you’ll have exclusive access and will learn about elements of policing including; forensic investigation, anti-social behaviour, custody, use of force, cybercrime, local policing, domestic abuse, hate crime and many others.

The Citizens Academy will;

  • Increase your awareness of the police and what we do
  • Improve your involvement and engagement with us
  • Empower you as a voice for your community
  • Improve your knowledge and safety and help you become actively involved in policing

The next Citizen’s Academy will take place in Bridgwater, starting on 9th October 2018 for 8 weeks.  For more information or an application form please:  email or call 01275 816738

If you want to register your interest, email us at

‘Personally I’ve found it a really enlightening course. I approached it with a couple of main objectives; to increase my own knowledge, but also to learn about how Avon and Somerset engage the public they serve. I certainly feel like these have been achieved. I hope it has been beneficial to all involved and that Citizens Academy will encourage everyone to engage and be more willing to work with the police for the benefit of their communities in the future’

‘Thank you for all that you have done.  I have learnt a great deal from the Citizens a Academy’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and took so much away from the information and interactions they provided. Having now ‘Graduated’ I feel motivated to give something back’

‘It is a shame that our involvement is presumably coming to an end. We have enjoyed the experience. Many thanks for all of your hard work and that of your colleagues’

‘Just wanted to say a massive thanks to you all for such a great course!! Gutted it’s over, I’ve loved every minute of it’

Quotes from Patchway 2018 Citizens Academy