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Former officer to be placed on barred list following hearing

Avon and Somerset Police crest

Allegations of gross misconduct have been proven against a former police officer following a hearing held at Police HQ today.

PC Harriet Wood, who resigned in April, was found to have breached standards of professional behaviour relating to orders and instructions and discreditable conduct.

The hearing was held before a panel led by an independent Legally Qualified Chair.

In April 2018, the former officer submitted a sample for testing to determine whether she had consumed controlled drugs.

Three days later she approached a senior officer to confirm she had used cannabis and had done so for a period of time.

The drugs test came back as negative but misconduct proceedings continued because of the admission.

Supt Richard Corrigan, head of the Professional Standards Department, said: “Although regulations allow an officer to resign while under investigation for gross misconduct, the misconduct process will still continue.

“As a result of the gross misconduct outcome, the former officer will be placed on the National College of Policing’s Barred List preventing her from working within policing and certain law enforcement bodies

“The illegal use of a controlled drug while holding the office of police constable is completely inexcusable

“Her actions have brought discredit onto the police service and in no way represent the hard-working and dedicated police officers and staff who work for the communities of Avon and Somerset.”