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Clever gardening tips to deter burglars

Lush green hedge
Lush green hedge

Spring is on its way and it’s the perfect time to plan your garden.

As well as creating a lovely space for you and loved ones with a bit of careful planning, you can also deter burglars.

Follow our tips for a dangerously beautiful garden and keep thieves at bay:

Grow hedging to act as a barrier

Plants that have evolved over millions of years to protect themselves can also help protect our homes. Species with spiky leaves or thorns will make burglars think twice before trying to pass through or climb them. Berberis, Hawthorn or Blackthorn are ideal for this and there are evergreen variations available, providing protection all the year round.

Use your fruit or veg plots wisely

Fruit or veg plots can act as a secondary line of defence within your garden. Grow rows of spiky gooseberries or try exotic Szechuan pepper. They will make an exit route uncomfortable for anyone trying to make a quick escape.

Plant something spiky under your windows

Plant rose bushes under your windows; not only do they look pretty but they will also put off burglars trying to scope out what’s on offer inside your home.

Pink rose bush
Pink rose bush

Hide outbuildings with bushes and hedges

Hide small sheds or outbuildings containing valuables like bikes or electric garden tools so they don’t become a target. Evergreen hedges like laurel, escallonia and grisalinia grow quickly to form a covering, as well as adding more green to your garden.

Lock your gate and check fences are fully secure

Having your gate closed with a lock acts as a great psychological deterrent. It’s also important to check that fences aren’t broken, as they create a physical defence to anyone trying to gain entry to your garden. Make them doubly secure by adding a trellis to the top of the fence, which will make a loud noise if broken and alert you to any trespassers.

Burglar jumping over wall
Burglar jumping over wall

Lay the foundations now and keep your home and community safe from thieves.

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