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Do you want to learn more about the police?

Want an inside look into policing in your community?

Citizens Academy is a rewarding programme that communities can take part in for free. The academies aim to teach the public about what we do, why we do it and attendees get the opportunity to see first-hand the daily workings of their local police force.

The five-week evening course will be spread over two hours per week and features a range of interesting and informative topics. During the course you’ll have exclusive access and will learn about elements of policing including; forensic investigation, anti-social behaviour, custody, use of force, cybercrime, local policing, domestic abuse, hate crime and many others. There will be an opportunity to visit a police custody centre, our Communications Centre or our Black Rock Training Facility.

The Citizens Academy will;

  • Increase your awareness of the police and what we do
  • Improve your involvement and engagement with us
  • Empower you as a voice for your community
  • Improve your knowledge and safety and help you become actively involved in policing

Hear more about Citizens Academy from people who have completed the course, Alec Western  graduated from the Bridgwater course and Sue Harding from Patchway. I have attached another case study from Knowle.

There will be numerous Citizens Academy courses run in 2020 – please keep an eye on the website and social media to find out more. To register your interest please contact

In addition to the Citizens Academies, we also offer Citizens Masterclasses. The masterclasses are of a similar format to the academies, however are a ‘one off’ session as opposed to a course and will be run on topics of public interest such as Crime Prevention.

The Objectives of a Masterclass

The main objectives of a Masterclass are:

  • To assist our communities in helping themselves to keep them, their homes and their communities safe
  • To use Masterclasses as a platform for engagement with Local Policing Teams
  • To use the Masterclasses as an opportunity to listen and adapt to our communities needs

To find out more about upcoming Masterclasses in your area, contact your Local Policing Team.