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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Bike stolen in overnight burglary

A bike similar to the one pictured was taken.

We are seeking witnesses to a burglary in Weston-super-Mare last week.

A garage was broken into and a bicycle stolen in Brighton Road between 10pm on Monday 13 April and 9am the following morning.

CCTV enquiries are being undertaken and show a person, wearing an orange jacket, we would like to speak to in connection with our investigation.

The bike is described as cyan and grey, having number 13 stickers on it, a small USB light on the handlebars, bottle cage, black pannier rack as well as a large red light on the rear.

If you have seen the bike, or have any information about the incident and person in the orange coat, report it online or call 101 and give reference number 5220081866.

We would like to remind people of the importance of taking steps to protect your property.

  • Where possible, securely store your bicycles in your home. If this isn’t possible, ensure they are kept in a secure outbuilding such as an alarmed and locked shed or garage
  • Always lock your bicycles to something immovable like a wall or floor anchor or a railing
  • Double lock your bikes using two quality locks, at least one of which is a D-Lock
  • Get your bikes and tools security marked and registered at and
  • Record the details of your bicycles and tools including noting the frame or serial number and take photos including any distinctive marks