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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Be the Difference

Avon and Somerset Police has shared a new film today that focuses on the importance of creating an inclusive workforce, and the value this brings to the communities we work with.

The film is entitled Be the Difference and features officers and staff from across the organisation. It explores the vital role that individual experiences, viewpoints, strengths and skills bring to the organisation and our commitment to creating an environment where individuality is not only supported but celebrated.

Andy Marsh, Chief Constable, said: “We’re lucky enough to serve a really diverse geographical area – it spans everything from rural villages, to inner city areas and coastal towns. Each of these areas brings its own opportunities and challenges and we know that in order to serve each community effectively, we need a workforce that truly represents them.

“We also know there are a lot of misperceptions about what it means to work for the police; whether it’s the type of people who choose to work for us, the way we work, or even the types of careers we offer.  We want to challenge these misperceptions and give people an insight into what it really means to be part of Avon and Somerset Police.”

The Be the Difference film is part of a wider initiative that will highlight the culture and broad range of careers available at Avon and Somerset Police.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing stories from officers and staff, talking about their roles and the importance of being able to bring their own experiences, personal and professional, to their job.

These include Jon, a neighbourhood sergeant who talks about the challenges presented by his ADHD and dyslexia and the benefits his neurodiversity offers to his role; Ayesha, an Intelligence Tasking Inspector who works part-time to allow her to juggle family life, and Charlotte, a former journalist now a content designer for our website and intranet, who is Chair of our LGBT + Staff Network and used her experience of being part of the LGBT+ community to help us improve the way we gather information.

Andy Marsh continued: “I think people would be surprised if they knew just how varied the roles we offer are.  We certainly aren’t just police officers, in fact more than 2,500 of our people work in other roles – they are accountants, lawyers, businesses analysts and web developers.

“The one thing that unites us all, regardless of our role, is the desire to make a difference.

“Part of our drive towards greater inclusivity has been recognising the role that every single person within the organisation has in helping to shape the dynamic and forward-thinking police force we are; from our approach to neighbourhood policing, to how we reach out to new recruits, communicate with our communities and support employees, professionally and personally.

“It’s vital that we actively seek out the best talent, as well as making sure that we retain our existing people, to help us deliver our vision of delivering outstanding policing for everyone. And we hope by sharing these stories we will encourage more people to consider joining us in being the difference in their community.”

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