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Grime artist Solo 45 jailed for 24 years

Andy Anokye
Andy Anokye
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A man who filmed himself as he tortured and raped four women has been jailed for 24 years.

Andy Anokye, a Grime musician who performed as Solo 45, was convicted in March following a four month trial of a total of 30 offences, including 21 counts of rape.

He was sentenced today at Bristol Crown Court to 24 years in prison of which he will serve a minimum of 16 years before being considered for parole. Once he’s served his prison term he will then remain on licence for an extended period of five years.

Statements written by Anokye’s victims describing the impact his crimes have had on them were also read out in court.

You can listen to the statements which have been voiced by actors in the following audio clips.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Rice said: “Today’s sentence brings a conclusion to a police investigation spanning several years.

“It has been a complicated and difficult case, involving four victims, and multiple rapes and sexual offences committed across the UK. There was also a fifth victim who was raped overseas, and despite that offence being outside of the jurisdiction of UK courts, she gave crucial evidence at the trial here in Bristol.

“The investigation was one of the largest and most complicated that Avon and Somerset Police has ever undertaken, owing to the vast amount of digital material recovered from phones and computers.

“Despite the complexity and scale, a team of detectives, police staff and digital experts worked tirelessly and methodically through the enormous volume of material, and together with the CPS and our barristers we presented strong evidence to the court.

“From the start of this inquiry, our focus has always been on the victims and I want to recognise the resilience and strength they have displayed throughout.

“It will never be possible to properly acknowledge the bravery they showed as they gave evidence of being raped in this case. Some of them have been involved in this inquiry for over three years and I understand how incredibly difficult it must have been for them to maintain their focus on justice – I hope that the sentence today brings some closure to the five of them.

“I would also like to acknowledge the courage of the other witnesses who gave vital evidence in the trial.”

DCI Rice added: “Avon and Somerset Police and the police nationally are wholly committed to supporting victims of rape and sexual assault. That support could take many forms – from simply recording the offence, through to having it fully investigated and seeking to prosecute those responsible.

“We encourage victims of any sexual offences to report them to the police or local sexual assault referral centre – we will always respect the privacy and wishes of victims, and to work with partners to support and refer them for specialist help. Reporting these offences also allows us to identify dangerous and repeat offenders, and potentially prevent future offences.”

Jill Macnamara, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS South West, said: “Andy Anokye took pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering upon his victims. He filmed many of his attacks on his mobile phone and this footage, along with the brave testimony of his victims, created a compelling case against him.

“I would like to thank all of the women who came forward to tell of their traumatic experiences with this man.

“They include the four women he was convicted of raping and assaulting, and a fifth who provided valuable supporting evidence, whose own allegation could not be prosecuted as it happened abroad.

“Today’s sentence reflects the severity of Anokye’s crimes and the risk he poses to women. I hope that it goes some way in providing all of these women with a sense that justice has been achieved.

“This was an incredibly complex case, involving the review of over two million digital files.

“I thank our colleagues within the police. In particular, staff responsible for victim liaison, who ensured that the victims had the support they needed. Also our team of barristers who worked diligently on this for the last three years.

“The commitment of the CPS to see this case through to its conclusion shows that we will not shy away from difficult cases.

“We want every victim of rape to have the confidence that their case will be fully investigated by the police and that, in every case where there is sufficient evidence, the Crown Prosecution Service will charge and prosecute.”