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Duo sentenced after teenager seriously injured in Fishponds stabbing

Two teenagers have been sentenced after a youth was stabbed multiple times, requiring life-saving treatment in intensive care in hospital.

The teenage victim received Snapchat messages from a 16-year-old female asking him to meet her in Fishponds on 12 February 2021.

However, when he arrived expecting to find the female for a date, he was instead set upon by a number of males with knives and seriously injured.

A police investigation was launched with appeals to identify the culprits. CCTV footage was also analysed, showing the victim trying to escape to safety.

A 16-year-old male, who stabbed the victim, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm ahead of a trial in November. The female was found guilty of the same offence by jurors.

During her trial, the jury were told the victim was part of a rival group within Bristol and deliberately lured to the Ridgeway Road area that night so he could be attacked.

The offenders, who have since both turned 17 and as juveniles cannot be named for legal reasons, were sentenced at Bristol Crown Court today (Friday 7 January). The male received a four-year sentence and the female three years.

Judge Michael Longman, in imprisoning the duo, described the attack as ‘co-ordinated’ and done with the intention of causing very serious injuries.

Detective Inspector Roger Doxsey said: “This was a vicious and calculated attack on a then 17-year-old boy. He was mercilessly chased and stabbed approximately nine times and left for dead.

“Described in court as a ‘Snapchat honey trap’, the female lured the victim to a park in Fishponds on the understanding that they were having a date, whereupon he was set upon by a number of males with knives.

“After the attack the male offender sent a ‘mic drop emoji’ with his face on via Snapchat to the female offender. His emoji meant ‘job done’ and shows the true intent behind the crime.

“The victim was in intensive care but has thankfully made a steady recovery from his multiple injuries. He bravely gave evidence and we are grateful for his and his family’s support.”

DI Doxsey added: “Knife crime is abhorrent and the risks attached to it are extremely high. I have been shocked by the amount of young people carrying knives within this incident, and the casual approach to violence taken by these youths.

“We need young people to understand the life-changing and life-threatening consequences of carrying and using knives, both for them and their victims.

“We will not hesitate to bring offenders to justice for dangerous knife-related crimes.”

Avon and Somerset Police have developed a number of youth diversion and intervention schemes which help to educate young people on the dangers of knife crime.

Through the Violence Reduction Units and Early Intervention Teams, Avon and Somerset Police are working towards every school in the force area having a dedicated school link officer who works alongside the school to build relationships with young people, help to diffuse situations before they escalate, and educate young people on range of issues which affect them.

The Blunt Truth workshop, a collaboration between Avon and Somerset Police, the NHS and other partners, is currently being delivered in secondary schools in Bristol, and helps students to understand the social and health implications of knife crime. The sessions encourage pupils to report someone who is carrying a knife and provide a hands on, first aid session delivered by A&E doctors, which shows how to keep someone who has been stabbed alive whilst waiting for an ambulance. It’s hoped that the workshops will be rolled out to more schools in Avon and Somerset over the next year.

The Blunt Truth workshops complement the work that Avon and Somerset Police carried out in 2020 with ‘Knife crime: A new way forward’, a campaign which engaged young people in efforts to reduce knife crime. The project saw pupils aged 13-15 from four schools based in Weston-super-Mare, Bristol and Taunton, create short, original animations about the issues they see as driving knife crime. One of the pupils involved in the animation project also created a documentary, which explored the themes arising from the project’s workshops in more depth.

For more information about Knife crime: A new way forward, Avon and Somerset Police’s approach to tackling knife crime and serious violence, as well as locations of knife surrender bins and details of support services visit