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Muslim community members break their fast with officers in Bristol

Added on 19 June 2017 at 11:06

The way to a police officer’s heart is through their stomach. And Patchway’s response teams’ hearts were certainly won on Friday evening (16 June) when they were delivered a delicious array of food to say thanks for all they do to keep us safe.

The food was cooked and brought in by a group of people from Bristol’s Muslim communities, led by Kalsoom Bashir, a community activist and the Muslim Chaplain at the University of Bristol.

Kalsoom said: “Over recent weeks, with terror attacks across the country and the awful fire last week in London, we see how the emergency services are something that we should rightfully be proud of and grateful for.

Officers with community members who cooked and brought in the food
Officers with community members who cooked and brought in the food

“Ramadhan is a time for being grateful for all the mercies we have and expressing gratitude in different ways. It’s a time for reconnecting with family, loved ones and neighbours, and what better way to do that than with food at the end of the day when we break our fast (Iftaar).

“Many of my Muslim friends wanted to express our gratitude to the police for the work they do in keeping us all safe, and providing food for the end of our day and the start of their shift is a very small token of this.”

Sergeant Tom Gent was lucky enough to be on duty on Friday evening: “This was such a lovely gesture and really did lift everyone’s spirits. On a busy Friday evening shift, we are lucky if we get a chance to wolf down a quick sandwich, so having delicious samosas, pakoras and fruit kebabs cooked and delivered to the station was a real morale booster.

“I know from my work as a response sergeant that we have strong and mutually respectful relationships with the many different communities in Bristol, although sometimes it may not be reported in that way. We all want the same thing – to live in a peaceful and safe city.

“Kalsoom and her friends bringing this food in to share with us serves as a timely reminder that we have far more in common than that which divides us. It was especially apt as it coincided with the Big Lunch and Great Get Together celebrations which took place this weekend across the country, in memory of the MP Jo Cox.”