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Reporting Domestic Abuse: We are with you every step of the way

Domestic abuse is something we deal with every day

Volunteers Week 2018: Meet Mervé, a cadet leader

Meet Merve a volunteer cadet leader based in North Somerset.

Volunteers Week 2018: Meet Glenn, a VIPER chaperone

Meet Glenn, a VIPER chaperone based in Somerset.

Thank you to all our volunteers

It's Volunteers Week and we are celebrating our 650 volunteers who help us keep our communities safe.

It’s ok to say no! Protecting the vulnerable from scams.

Learn to recognise the signs of a scam and help protect neighbours, relatives and friends.

Stalking and harassment ruins lives

Are you a victim of stalking or harassment? Do you need help and advice? If you do, please read this feature.

Don't give thieves shedloads of opportunity...

When it comes to protecting your home, don't forget to protect your sheds and outbuildings.

Image shows Chief Inspector Nigel Colston

Blog: The 'autistic officer' - everyone deserves the chance to find the job that's right for them

A personal story as part of World Autism Awareness Week, 26 March-2 April

Ston it now

Avon and Somerset Police joins child protection charity in campaign to tackle indecent images of children

We are joining leading child protection charity, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, to tackle growing demand for sexual images of children online.

Day in the life: questions with a PCSO

Over the next two weeks, we are talking to some of our PCSOs about why they joined and what they enjoy.

Sexual abuse and relationships

Rape and sexual assault can happen within a relationship

Domestic Abuse: Asking for help

Domestic Abuse: Asking for help

Stalking and harassment: a police call handler’s story

A call handler gives her story of being stalked.

Stalking can happen within a relationship

Stalking isn’t just something that happens to celebrities. It can happen to anyone, and can even happen within a relationship.

Domestic Abuse Logo 2017

Abuse only thrives in silence – so let’s talk about it

Over the next few weeks we’ll be shining a light on domestic abuse.

Get involved in road safety

Road safety means different things to different people, but what is clear is that everyone wants to feel safe on and near our roads.

Force crest

Find out why we are introducing spit guards to protect our officers

From January 2018 we’re introduce spit guards to protect officers who work in difficult and challenging circumstances to keep local people safe.

Remember, remember your neighbour this 5th of November

Bonfire Night can be scary for people who are elderly or live alone. Keeping them safe can be as simple as saying 'hello'.


“Am I hated because of my religion?”

A victim’s testimony on anti-Muslim hate crime

modern slavery logo

Slavery is closer than you think

We're supporting a national campaign to raise awareness of and end modern slavery.

What is online hate crime?

Online hate crime is NOT okay

Family fun at Emergency Services Open Day

Thousands braved the weather to join us at our third Open Day.

Transforming our response to mental health

Our Mental Health Journey so far

Protecting your property against burglaries - advice for landlords

This week we are looking at burglary advice for landlords and tenants.

Clever gardening tips to deter burglars

A professional gardener shares his tips

Take three: hide valuables, shut windows, lock doors

Simple steps to keep your home safe.

Come and look around our new police centre

Join a tour of our new police centre in Weston-super-Mare

map of where victims commonly come from

Human trafficking: Do you know the signs?

Human trafficking could be happening near you; in your street, in your neighbourhood. Know the signs and help us end human trafficking.

‘It’s horrible and it ruins your night’

Raising awareness of sexual assaults in bars and clubs

Safe Places: behind the service

We have relaunched an improved Safe Places service, to help people with communication difficulties to stay safe when they are out and about.

Emergency Services Open Day this weekend

We are opening the doors to Police and Fire Headquarters this weekend

Murders of Roy and June Sheasby remembered on 60th anniversary

Sixty years ago a young brother and sister left their Bristol home to visit ponies grazing in a nearby field. Tragically they never came home.

Avon & Somerset launch initiatives to protect those vulnerable to fraud

New banking protocols and Op Signature will help protect those most vulnerable to fraud

Avon and Somerset Police launch Nominated Neighbour scheme

Avon and Somerset Police launch scheme to protect elderly and vulnerable residents from bogus callers

Avon and Somerset Police joined the Great Big Walk

Avon and Somerset Police joined the Great Big Walk

Do you know someone who might be drink driving?

We're asking for the public’s help as part of our summer drink and drug drive campaign.

Big red button - report online terrorist & extremist material here

Stop Terrorists & Extremists Online Presence

Terrorist & extremist material online inspires hatred. Together we must stop it.

Thanking our volunteers this Volunteers' Week

We are celebrating Volunteers’ Week by thanking all of our 1430 volunteers who work with us every day.

How to report a Hate Crime

Would you recognise a hate crime and know how to report it?

Dementia Awareness Week

This week we're supporting Dementia Awareness Week.

HRH Princess Royal marks special opening ceremony for new operational training centre

A WWI hero has been honoured in the naming of our brand new training centre in Clevedon.

Reporting CSE: Who you might meet

We talk to the people you might meet if you report Child Sexual Exploitation, both from the police and partner agencies.

On the phone – it’s ok to say no

it's ok to say no - Keep your money safe from phone fraud

Protect yourself online at the police pop-up shop

Protect yourself online at the police pop-up shop


“Tough gig? No. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

As he swaps the streets of St Paul’s for the grounds of Buckingham Palace, PC Ifor Williams reflects on 7 years spent serving the people on his...

Autism and me: a police officer's view

April is Autism Awareness Month

It's ok to say no - these did

fraudsters are devious, keep your money safe by saying no

Hate Has No Home Here

‘Hate has No Home Here’ campaign launched to provide victims and bystanders with the confidence to spot and report a hate crime.

Knowle West says “There’s no home for hate here”

We linked with Knowle West Health Association as part of our "Hate has no home here" campaign

Its ok to say no. Our message to older people in fight against fraud

We look at how we can help older people stand up to scammers by telling them 'it's ok to say no'

Stamp Out Scams

Avon and Somerset Police join Crimestoppers and Post Office Limited to stamp out scams against the elderly and vulnerable in the Bristol area

LGBT+ Team logo

Did you know we had an LGBT liaison team?

Today we are sharing the work of Avon and Somerset Police's LGBT liaison team, made up of officers and staff who volunteer to be part of the team.

Reporting Rape: Who you might meet

We talk to the people you might meet if you report a rape or sexual abuse, both from the police and from independent organisations.

Bristol’s diverse communities thank police legend at special legacy event

CI Norman Pascal is retiring. We will miss you Norm and so will Bristol's communities!

Gold jewellery

Don't let your home be a goldmine

Secure your home and keep your jewellery safe

PC Sue Davey visits High Down Junior School

Back to school advice

Advice for parents on keeping children safe as they head back to school after the half term break.

Be aware and seek help: sexual abuse in children and young people

Last year 15% of female rape victims were aged 16 and under. Please keep your eyes and ears open and talk to someone if you have any concerns.

‘Don’t bare then share’

This is our advice for young people on Safer Internet Day

Sexual Abuse Survivors – Our Stories

Our experiences, in our words.

Time To Talk about grief and suicide

A guest blog for Time To Talk Day "New kind of Normal – coping with a family suicide"

Time To Talk about loneliness and depression

In the lead up to Time To Talk Day, today we are focusing on the impact of loneliness and depression on older people.

Time To Talk About Dementia

This week we are supporting Time to Talk Day and today we are focusing on Dementia.

Make a friend and help someone in need

Have you considered volunteering with a local befriending scheme?

Our Herculean effort to fight crime

Come and join us on our biggest day of action to date!

Extraordinary people needed for our Special Constabulary

We are looking for new volunteer police officers. Could this be you? Hear what some of our current Special's think about the role.

Know the person, not the profile

Stay safe when looking for love online - ask more questions!

Domestic abuse survivors - our stories

Domestic abuse survivors want to share their stories to help others.

Meet one of our IAG members

An Independent Advisory Group (IAG) member shares her experiences about her role and how you could help your community

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone.

We're asking you all to look, listen, ask, ask again...

Have you heard about Restorative Justice?

To mark International Restorative Justice Week, we want you to know the facts about RJ.

cartoon street with only one house in darkness

Light up your home - avoid becoming a victim of burglary

Top tips to keep your home safe and secure during the darker months.

Thinking of using your phone while driving? #DontRiskIt

We're teaming up with other forces to crackdown on drivers who use their phone while driving.

Staff and officers pledge to help end bullying

This Anti-Bullying Week we’ve been encouraging our officers and staff to think what we can do to help end bullying.

Handing going through letterbox

Tackling rogue traders together

We're on the hunt for rogue traders and you can help us

This Hate Crime Awareness Week would you know how to recognise, report and get support?

We have been raising awareness of Hate Crime throughout 2016, focusing on the various types of hate crime. Now test your knowledge

New triage system celebrates success on World Mental Health Day

We're marking World Mental Health Day with a success story on our new Control Room triage system.

Let's end hate crime poster

Communities working against Hate Crime

This National Hate Crime Awareness week we are celebrating our communities and the good work they do to raise awareness of Hate Crime.

Your Tweets are taking criminals off the streets

Today, we're celebrating 100k Twitter followers by saying thank you

Have confidence in reporting hate crime

We want to encourage victims to come forward and report hate crimes and receive the support they deserve.

Transgender hate crime - Lucy's story

Lucy was a victim of hate crime because of her gender. She was brave and reported it.

Let's end hate crime poster

What is transgender hate crime?

As part of our Hate Crime Awareness campaign this week we are focusing on gender hate crime and specifically crime against someone for their gender

Child sexual exploitation is happening

Protecting children and young people from sexual exploitation

We are committed to protecting children and young people from sexual exploitation and work closely with our partners to support victims.

Mark: "It doesn't get me upset; I just feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for them for being so ignorant."

Would you recognise a disability hate crime?

Read the stories of how disabled people are affected by hate crime

Let's end hate crime poster

Focus on disability hate crime and mate hate

A hate crime is any criminal offence that is motivated by a prejudice or hate.

Let's end hate crime poster

What is disability hate crime?

This week we are focusing on disability hate crime as part of our hate crime awareness campaign.

Focus on Transgender Hate Crime - Cathy's story

What is it like to be a victim of a gender hate crime? One victim shares their story

Brandon Trust logo

Working with the Brandon Trust

What is it like to be a victim of a disability hate crime?


Illegal raves – what they mean for the police and the public

Can you help prevent an illegal rave? Do you know why we can't always shut them down? Supt Mike Prior explains the issue.


People like you are people like us

We’re looking for new recruits! Police officer recruitment will open next week, on Monday 5th September and we want you to join us.

LGBT+ Team logo

Our LGBT liaison team working with local communities

As part of our Hate Crime Awareness campaign this week we are focusing on sexuality and gender hate crime.

Let's end hate crime poster

LGBT Hate Crime - A victim's story

As part of our Hate Crime Awareness Campaign we share the victim's story

Police and Crime Commissioner poster: Bringing your voice to policing

Have your say on your policing priorities

We want to hear your views on what you want from your policing service.

Let's end hate crime poster

LGBT Hate Crime - Don't accept it, report it

As part of our Hate Crime Awareness campaign this week we are focusing on sexuality and gender hate crime and why it is so important you report it.

Let's end hate crime poster

Raising awareness of sexuality and gender hate crime

As part of our Hate Crime Awareness campaign this week we are focusing on sexuality and gender hate crime.

Let's end hate crime poster

Focus on online Hate Crime

As part of our Hate Crime Awareness campaign we are helping people to identify what a hate crime is and what they can do to report and get support.

Chief Superintendent Ian Wylie

See, hear, speak – the importance of community intelligence

Find out why information and intelligence from the public is at the heart of policing.

Anti-social behaviour poster

Not sure whether to report anti-social behaviour in your area?

Take a look at some recent successes to see how we work with partners to tackle ASB

Police Horse Beaufort

Where do ex-police horses go?

We find out what some of our ex-police horses are up to.

Citizens' Academy logo

Do you want to know what the police do?

Avon and Somerset Constabulary is offering an exciting opportunity for the public to learn about what the police do

Let's end hate crime poster

Focus on sexuality and gender hate crime

On 9 July, Bristol Pride will unite the city, but sexuality and gender can be a key characteristic in hate crime.

Let's end hate crime poster

How to recognise and report hate crime

If you witnessed a hate crime would you know what to do?

Let's end hate crime poster

Focus on disability hate crime

This week we are highlighting all forms of hate crime as part of our 2016 hate crime awareness campaign

Victims of hate crime

What it feels like to be a victim of hate crime

We are sharing the powerful stories of people who have experienced hate crime in the hope of inspiring other victims to come forward and report.

Track My Crime - Login Screen

Get investigation updates from us online

TrackMyCrime gives you easy online access to updates on our investigations

Hate Crime call to action

What is Hate Crime?

We can all be victims of hate crime, even young people.

this is not an excuse

Abuse isn’t always physical

Abuse doesn’t always come in the form of bruises - how to spot the signs of coercive or controlling behaviour in a relationship.

Adult abuse awareness poster

Thinking it? Report it. Help stop adult abuse

In support of Stop Adult Abuse Week Somerset SAB have released an animated film highlighting the issue

Stop Adult Abuse poster

Could you spot the signs that might signal adult abuse?

This week is Stop Adult Abuse Week, Bristol LSAB has defined the 10 signs

Do one thing logo

‘Do one thing’ to beat the burglars

There are some simple crime prevention measures that can help deter thieves

Officers pulling a fire engine

Recognition for those who give their time to our communities

It’s National Volunteers’ Week and we’re running a series of articles celebrating all the amazing people who help their communities.


Support for victims of racial or religious hate crime

Find out about the organisations offering support to victims of racial and religious hate crime

Bath and West show posters

Fingerprinting, firearms and four-legged friends at The Royal Bath and West Show

Forget NCIS, Line of Duty or HappyValley – come and see the real thing! Find out what we are up to at The Royal Bath and West Show

Child Sexual Exploitation is happening

Links between child sexual exploitation and running away

On International Missing Children’s Day, we look at the links between children going missing and the risk of sexual exploitation.

Let's end hate crime poster

Working together to tackle hate crime

People of any race and religion can be a victim of hate crime. Read how one neighbourhood team are working with their community to tackle this.

Woman in niqab holding sign

Celebrating diversity - our hate crime awareness campaign

As part of our Hate Crime Awareness campaign this week we are focusing on racial and religious hate crime.

Team abseil

Busting myths and raising awareness of dementia

Our officers have been spreading the word during Dementia Awareness Week.

Mental health awareness week poster

We are supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

This week we are supporting Mental Health Awareness Week, 16-22 May, a national awareness campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation.

Dementia awareness poster

Supporting Dementia Awareness Week

We are supporting The Alzheimer's Society Dementia Awareness Week (15-21 May)

End FGM poster

Blog: 'There’s only one reason FGM is performed and that’s to control women'

DCI Leanne Pook has written an internal blog about FGM which we're releasing to the public to mark the start of a summer awareness campaign.

Melanie Road

Justice for Melanie Road - 31 years of searching for the truth

How the murder of a Bath teenager was solved 31 years on

Neighbourhood Blues logo

Neighbourhood Blues launches new series

Neighbourhood Blues launches it's third series featuring Avon and Somerset this week

Woman crying

Could you recognise a hate crime and know how to report it?

Highlighting the importance of identifying and reporting hate crimes

Rouge Trader

Ask the experts - Live webchat

Stay safe from doorstep crime and other scams.

Let's end hate crime poster

Celebrating Diversity – launching our 6 month awareness strategy

Our new campaign aimed at promoting awareness of the different types of hate crime and encouraging victims to report it. #celebratenothate

Police officers on Armistice Day 1952

Do you remember scenes like these?

Simple things can help to keep doorstep criminals away.

Let's end hate crime poster

The truth behind being a victim of hate crime

As part of our Hate Crime Awareness Campaign we are focusing on the impact of hate crime on it's victims.

Pupils at St Barnabas School exploring ideas for Grosvenor Road

‘Imagine St Pauls’ starting to transform key areas of the community

The local community has come up with some innovative ideas to improve their area

Police officers in front of graffiti

Anti-social behaviour in your area? Make sure you report it

With the lighter nights can come an increase in anti-social behaviour - find out how to report issues in your area

CSE Awareness day logo

Blog: supporting young people affected by sexual exploitation

Hear from people working on the front line to support children affected by this crime.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh and Police Dog Marshy

Chief Constable meets his canine counterpart

Chief Constable Andy Marsh meets new recruit Marshy

Unsolved case files

Team's bid to unravel Force's unsolved rape and murder cases

The Major Crime Review Team is focussing on re-investigating 40 unsolved rape cases and around 30 murder inquiries dating back to the mid-1940s.

Community alerts screen

Community Alerts! Hear directly from police officers in your community

Sign up for Community Alerts, hear directly from police officers in your area and get information relevant to you, your home or your business.

PC Adge Secker

It’s only a bit of cannabis cultivation

Drugs factories – Bath PC Adge Secker explains why it’s not “only a bit of cannabis cultivation.”

Hand knocking on door

Protect your neighbours from rogue traders

We're asking people to be on the alert for rogue traders and distraction burglars

Online crime logo

Are you keeping safe online?

This January, we will be giving you top tips to keep safe online, following a Twitter poll revealing our twitter followers’ main cyber concerns.

Force crest
Operation Tonic check sign

Think Amy charity backs our drink and drug drive campaign

A mother's appeal after the death of her daughter

Becky Watts

Justice for Becky: a timeline of our investigation

Read about key points in our investigation and watch videos from officers involved.

Front doors

Top tips for beating the burglars – light up, lock up and turn the key!

Have you locked your door? Did you turn the key? Make sure you aren't making it easy for opportunist thieves to help themselves.

Police Dog Ernie

Introducing PD Ernie

PC Lou Grabham tells how she needed to retire PD Eddie early and introduces his brother PD Ernie.

Hands typing

If it's not urgent, check online

Did you know that many calls we receive to 101 can be answered by information provided on our advice pages?

Police Horse Jubilee

Meet Jubilee, Police Horse at the Mounted Section

Jubilee, tells us about his typical day as a police horse. Find out what makes him proud to work for the force and his childhood aspirations.

Terrorism highlighted in dictionary

Preventing terrorism and extremism

Terrorism and violent extremism are a real and serious threat to us all. Find out what we are doing to address it.

John Long

A decade in policing Bristol

Acting Chief Constable John Long and Chief Superintendent John Reilly in conversation

Cartoon phone dialling 999

999, what IS your emergency?

Demand on our Communications Centre is increasing, and one problem we face is inappropriate or hoax calls.

It might be nothing, but it could mean everything:
Police Dog Bear

An Interview with.... Police Dog Bear

We caught up with 4 year old German Shepherd, PD Bear, to find out what it’s like to be a Police Dog in Avon and Somerset Police.

Milk bottles

Going away? Read our ten easy tips to keep burglars at bay

If you're going away over the Easter break, take a few simple precautions to protect your home and possessions.

sunset over sea

Blog: I am still a detective, I am not defective!

Read a blog from one of our detectives to hear first-hand how mental health issues can affect all aspects of your life

graphic of social media icons

Tackling the online trolls - the facts

As cyber-crime soars, we arm you with advice on what to do if you fall foul of online trolls.

Picture of call handler in Communciations Centre

Mental Health Awareness – Supporting persistent callers

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week and we are keen to support it; mental health is something that affects us every day.

Let's end hate crime poster

Do you know how to recognise, report and support?

We have been running a three week campaign about Hate Crime to raise awareness of hate crime. Now we want to test your knowledge…

What is it like to be a victim of a sexuality and gender hate crime?

If you have been a victim of gender or sexuality hate crime, support and help is available.

this is not an excuse

If you’ve been a victim of sexual violence, no matter what the circumstances or how long ago it happened, remember it wasn’t your fault.

Let's end hate crime poster

What is it like to be a victim of a hate crime?

Two victims of hate crime talk about their experiences.

Police dogs with their handlers

Explosives, drugs and general purpose... it’s a dog’s life in the force

Becoming a police dog handler is a lifestyle choice. We find out more about the day in the life of a dog handler and their loyal partners.

Let's end hate crime poster

Focus on racial and religious hate crime

Read how one neighbourhood police team are working with their community to tackle racial hate crime.

Let's end hate crime poster

What is a hate crime?

How to identify hate crime and report it.

Cartoon phones 101 or 999

24 hours in a Police Communications Centre

Today we are running our first ever 24 hour ‘tweetathon’ and will be tweeting emergency and non-emergency calls from our Communications Centre.

Picture of a police officer taking notes

Day in the life of a special

Applications to become a special constable are now open. Read more about the role and how to apply.

101 or 999 thumbnail

101 or 999 – which one should you call?

999 is a number that everyone knows, but do you know when you should call 101 instead?

PACT logo

Help shape local policing with PACT

Partners and Communities Together (PACT) is the process through which you can raise any issues or concerns you have in your area.

Photo of a house and burglar

Simple steps to protect your home

Whether you have 5 minutes or 55 minutes, there are a few simple steps you can take to deter burglars.

How you can be Share Aware screengrab

Are you & your children #ShareAware?

We're supporting the NSPCC's online safety campaign for 8-12 year olds and their parents.

this is not an excuse

Questions about male rape?

Information about the help and support available if you have been a victim.

Police Horses

Meet the horses

Meet Jubilee, Quantock, Sedgemoor and Redland - just four of our mounted section horses.

What would you do? Restorative Justice Week logo

Would you meet the person who committed a crime against you?

Restorative Justice Week runs from 16-23 November and the Ministry of Justice want you to ask the question of yourself.

Winners with awards

Winners announced at the Neighbourhood Policing awards

Men and women who serve their communities, going above and beyond the call of duty, were celebrated last week.

Fraud - protect yourself sign

Spotting and stopping fraudsters

We’re backing a campaign to raise awareness of doorstep, online and telephone fraud and how to prevent it.

Say no to FGM leaflets

Detectives and PCC join national conference to share expertise to #EndFGM

Professionals from all over the country met in Bristol on Thursday, October 2.

Love where you live logo

Do yourselves a favour, students and save yourself some money...

Our guide on how to protect your property and valuables when moving into a house or flat to study.

Girl covering face in front of computer

Online safety, a guide for parents

We have been surveying young people about their online experiences and talking to PC Alan Earl about online safety.

Closed motorway

The story behind a motorway collision

It's often difficult for people caught up in traffic jams on the motorway to understand why the road has to be closed for a long time.

PCSO taking details of farm equipment

Shutting the gate on rural crime

Our new Rural Crime Team will be out and about in the force area as part of a day of action tackling rural crime.

No cold calling sign

Beware Rogue Traders

We're asking people to be on the alert for rogue traders and distraction burglars.

Rainbow over a hill

I am still a detective, I am not defective!

Hear first-hand how mental health can affect all aspects of your life.

this is not an excuse to abuse me

#NoExcuse for Domestic Abuse

Our message is clear: The victim is never to blame - there is no excuse for domestic abuse.

Transcript of CC Andy Marsh's interview with BBC Points West

CC Andy Marsh discusses stop and search and the importance of a representative workforce

Human trafficking could be happening near you

We're supporting World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Force crest

There is no "I" in team

A blog about being a transferee in Avon and Somerset Police

Even police officers can be victims of hate crime

A real account from an officer who has been the victim of hate crime

Making a change: A domestic abuse perpetrator’s story

Making a change: A domestic abuse perpetrator’s story

Ask for Angela

Ask for Angela

Celebrating Women in Policing 2018

It’s International Women’s Day 2018 and we’re celebrating the many women that make up our emergency services