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Stock image of person in car on motorway

The real story behind a motorway closure

Learn more about dual-carriageway and motorway closures

Policing with Pride

We police with pride every day of the year, but we'll be celebrating LGBT+ Pride month throughout July

County Lines

What is a county line?

Explaining what County Lines is, what the police are doing about it and how you can help.

Police and Fire HQ in Portishead to open doors for annual Open Day

Emergency Services Open Day 2018 will take place on Sunday 16 September

Reporting Domestic Abuse: We are with you every step of the way

Domestic abuse is something we deal with every day

Thank you to all our volunteers

It's Volunteers Week and we are celebrating our 650 volunteers who help us keep our communities safe.

Stalking and harassment ruins lives

Are you a victim of stalking or harassment? Do you need help and advice? If you do, please read this feature.

Don't give thieves shedloads of opportunity...

When it comes to protecting your home, don't forget to protect your sheds and outbuildings.

Day in the life: questions with a PCSO

Over the next two weeks, we are talking to some of our PCSOs about why they joined and what they enjoy.

Sexual abuse and relationships

Rape and sexual assault can happen within a relationship

Domestic Abuse: Asking for help

Domestic Abuse: Asking for help

Stalking and harassment: a police call handler’s story

A call handler gives her story of being stalked.

Stalking can happen within a relationship

Stalking isn’t just something that happens to celebrities. It can happen to anyone, and can even happen within a relationship.

Domestic Abuse Logo 2017

Abuse only thrives in silence – so let’s talk about it

Over the next few weeks we’ll be shining a light on domestic abuse.

Get involved in road safety

Road safety means different things to different people, but what is clear is that everyone wants to feel safe on and near our roads.

Protecting your property against burglaries - advice for landlords

This week we are looking at burglary advice for landlords and tenants.

Clever gardening tips to deter burglars

A professional gardener shares his tips

Take three: hide valuables, shut windows, lock doors

Simple steps to keep your home safe.

‘It’s horrible and it ruins your night’

Raising awareness of sexual assaults in bars and clubs

Safe Places: behind the service

We have relaunched an improved Safe Places service, to help people with communication difficulties to stay safe when they are out and about.


“Tough gig? No. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

As he swaps the streets of St Paul’s for the grounds of Buckingham Palace, PC Ifor Williams reflects on 7 years spent serving the people on his...

LGBT+ Team logo

Did you know we had an LGBT liaison team?

Today we are sharing the work of Avon and Somerset Police's LGBT liaison team, made up of officers and staff who volunteer to be part of the team.

Gold jewellery

Don't let your home be a goldmine

Secure your home and keep your jewellery safe

Your Tweets are taking criminals off the streets

Today, we're celebrating 100k Twitter followers by saying thank you

Avon & Somerset launch initiatives to protect those vulnerable to fraud

New banking protocols and Op Signature will help protect those most vulnerable to fraud

Avon and Somerset Police launch Nominated Neighbour scheme

Avon and Somerset Police launch scheme to protect elderly and vulnerable residents from bogus callers

Citizens' Academy logo

Do you want to know what the police do?

Do you want to learn about Avon and Somerset Constabulary? Join our Citizens Academy!

this is not an excuse

Abuse isn’t always physical

Abuse doesn’t always come in the form of bruises - how to spot the signs of coercive or controlling behaviour in a relationship.

Do one thing logo

‘Do one thing’ to beat the burglars

There are some simple crime prevention measures that can help deter thieves

End FGM poster

Blog: 'There’s only one reason FGM is performed and that’s to control women'

DCI Leanne Pook has written an internal blog about FGM which we're releasing to the public to mark the start of a summer awareness campaign.

Melanie Road

Justice for Melanie Road - 31 years of searching for the truth

How the murder of a Bath teenager was solved 31 years on

Let's end hate crime poster

Celebrating Diversity – launching our 6 month awareness strategy

Our new campaign aimed at promoting awareness of the different types of hate crime and encouraging victims to report it. #celebratenothate

Unsolved case files

Team's bid to unravel Force's unsolved rape and murder cases

The Major Crime Review Team is focussing on re-investigating 40 unsolved rape cases and around 30 murder inquiries dating back to the mid-1940s.

Community alerts screen

Community Alerts! Hear directly from police officers in your community

Sign up for Community Alerts, hear directly from police officers in your area and get information relevant to you, your home or your business.

PC Adge Secker

It’s only a bit of cannabis cultivation

Drugs factories – Bath PC Adge Secker explains why it’s not “only a bit of cannabis cultivation.”

Hands typing

If it's not urgent, check online

Did you know that many calls we receive to 101 can be answered by information provided on our advice pages?

Cartoon phone dialling 999

999, what IS your emergency?

Demand on our Communications Centre is increasing, and one problem we face is inappropriate or hoax calls.

graphic of social media icons

Tackling the online trolls - the facts

As cyber-crime soars, we arm you with advice on what to do if you fall foul of online trolls.

101 or 999 thumbnail

101 or 999 – which one should you call?

999 is a number that everyone knows, but do you know when you should call 101 instead?

Say no to FGM leaflets

Detectives and PCC join national conference to share expertise to #EndFGM

Professionals from all over the country met in Bristol on Thursday, October 2.

PCSO taking details of farm equipment

Shutting the gate on rural crime

Our new Rural Crime Team will be out and about in the force area as part of a day of action tackling rural crime.

Human trafficking could be happening near you

We're supporting World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Ask for Angela

Ask for Angela