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Extraordinary people needed for our Special Constabulary

We are looking for new volunteer police officers to join the 350 extraordinary people who support our police officers every week.

If you have at least 4 hours a week spare, can stay calm in a crisis, communicate clearly, resolve disputes tactfully, work well in a team and act with integrity, then we would love you to join us.

You will have the opportunity to work in a whole range of areas from tackling anti-social behaviour to assisting at the scenes of accidents, from conducting house to house enquiries, to presenting evidence in court or crowd control at major events.

In return you’ll build on your leadership skills, challenge yourself by getting out of your comfort zone and increase your self-confidence. This is a real opportunity to give something back to your community and meet new people. You’ll get to see the real impact of crime on people’s lives and be in an extremely privileged position to be able to make a difference.

If you’re tempted, read on and see what some of our current Special Constables have to say. Or, to find out more about the application process and apply, visit the recruitment page here.

Meet some our officers:

Steve - Financial Adviser, People Person and Special Constable

Picture of Steve

I’m Steve and I wanted to put something back into my community. After six months of completing my initial training I hit the streets of Bristol and I haven’t looked back. I do not think there’s a more rewarding or varied opportunity. As a warranted police officer, one minute you could be talking down a violent offender or supporting a victim of crime and the next handling a delicate domestic incident, there really are no two days the same.

I have had the best five years of my life, I have seen and done more than I would have ever imagined and made some life-long friends. If you feel you could join us then I look forward to meeting you on a training course soon.

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James - Intelligence Analyst, Mountaineer and Special Constable

Picture of James

I’m James and I signed up so I could do something that my day job could never offer, the satisfaction of knowing that my presence alone has made someone feel safe and be safe.

My stand out moment so far would be the time I had to climb over fences to find a suspect who was wanted for three burglaries and a number of other drugs offences, it didn’t help that everyone in that street seemed to own a dog that patrolled the garden! I found the suspect and he was put before the court later that day.

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Brian - IT Support Analyst, guitarist and Special Constable

Picture of Brian

I’m Brian and I joined the Special’s to give something back to the community, and try and help people in need as there isn’t a better feeling.

My stand out moment so far would be my first arrest. The feeling you get when you get your first one, the adrenalin and the feeling of the good you have done. Nothing else can beat that knowing you have done something that makes a difference. I also love the feeling of actually helping people in need, and meeting people from all walks of life making them feel people do care after something bad or unexpected has happened to them. I would say that these are moments that stand out for me.

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Mehrannisa Sadiq - Student, Piano player, Special Constable

Picture of Mehrannisa

I’m Mehrannisa, my day job is an office paralegal job and as if having a 9-5 job isn’t enough, I am also studying postgraduate part-time on weekends. I do sacrifice social time in order to get my police hours in, but if you enjoy it as much as I do, you will want to make time for it!

I’ve been a Special since March. My motivation to join has always been supporting vulnerable people. There is no doubt a lot of catching ‘baddies’ involved, however the real reward comes from the reactions and gratitude of the victims.

If someone told me I would be dealing with a sudden death on my second shift in I probably would have thought this is not the role for me. However, in the moment you automatically become professional; there is a very structured process and it works. The support from colleagues was amazing; officers understand what a first experience can be like and ensured I was okay to carry on with my duties. In contrast, I can’t say my first arrest went down too well, I almost forgot to tell the suspect why I was arresting them! Luckily you are supported throughout your duties and like anything, it comes with experience.

Being a Special really makes you feel part of a team, everyone makes you feel welcome and your contribution is greatly appreciated. If you genuinely care about making a difference and have spare time to donate then go for it. I never thought I would be where I am today if I didn’t make the decision to just give it a shot.

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