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If you "do one thing" this summer...

Cartoon street with the Do one thing logo

As the school holidays get underway, we have launched our summer ‘Do one thing’ campaign to help tackle anti-social behaviour, burglary and bike crime.

We are encouraging everyone to do at least one thing to help protect themselves and their neighbours this summer, such as keeping windows shut when you’re not in the room, checking in on a neighbour, or even passing on crime prevention advice to others.

With the warmer weather we see an increase in some crimes and issues. For example, as more people are spending time outdoors there tends to be an increase in calls to the police relating to noise and nuisance behaviour.

Calls to the police about burglary also increase in the summer. With more doors and windows left open, the number of ‘walk-in’ burglaries tends to go up.

Bike theft is also an issue at this time of year with more people taking to two wheels in the better weather.

So over the summer, we are encouraging people to be mindful that their activities aren’t having a negative impact on others and to think about security to help protect their homes and possessions. See our top tips below.

anti-social behaviour infographic

Tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Calls to the police about ASB go up by more than a quarter (28%) in July and August compared with the rest of the year.

Around 15,000 incidents of ASB are reported over the two-month period.

We want to bring that figure down so that everyone can enjoy a stress-free summer. Our advice is:

  • Be aware of others. Be mindful of the impact you could be having on others if you are outside, especially late in the evening.
  • Think neighbours. If you have an elderly neighbour, can you offer any help or support if they are worried about ASB in your area?
  • If you are affected by ASB, report it to the police or council. For more details of who to report to visit our Neighbourhood and Community pages.
anti-social behaviour infographic

Beating bike crime

  • Invest in a good lock which has achieved Sold Secure standard.

    Expect to spend at least 10 per cent of the value of your bike on a lock and always opt for D-locks. Avoid cable style or combination locks.

  • Always lock your bike at home - even when it’s in your garage, flat or halls of residence - and secure it to a fixed immovable object.
  • Register your bike at and

burglary infographic

Tackling burglary

Calls to the police about burglary increase by around 10 per cent in July and August.

Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves.

Our advice is:

  • Shut your doors and windows when you are in another part of the house or in the garden
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, especially near open doors or windows
  • Register your valuables on

For more crime prevention tips, including advice on securing your property if you are going away, visit

In an emergency, or if a crime is in progress, call us on 999. For non-emergencies, visit our website for advice or to report a crime, or call us on 101.