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Meet the horses

We are really proud of our mounted section team, both horse and officers. They dedicate their time to patrolling the streets, attending events and interacting with the community. The good work of the nations mounted sections have been highlighted in University of Oxford report.

Our four legged friends at Avon & Somerset Constabulary have played a unique part in the force since 1889 and continue to provide significant support in the work that we do – whether it’s trotting the beat on patrol or helping to control and prevent disorder at events.

"Every day across the communities of Avon & Somerset I see the positive impact that our horses have on people..."

PC Gary Young from the mounted section said “The report that highlights the benefits of Mounted Units comes as no surprise to me, everyday across the communities of Avon & Somerset I see the positive impact that our horses have on people, the horses personalities shine through and this can be used to great effect when trying to break down barriers within our community and deal with tense issues. American Mounted Units record their positive contacts on a daily basis, if I did this I’d never get home at the end of my shift. “

Currently, we have 12 horses in the team, who are all geldings and are either dark bay or black. This is one of the unique characteristics of the force, as we only have geldings and dark coated horses in our mounted section.

Aside from their crime fighting on the streets, they each have their own personalities. We thought we’d introduce you to a few of our team.

Police Horse Jubilee

Name: Jubilee

Age: 10 years old

Height: 17.3 hands high

Years in the force: 3 years

Favourite Food: Apples

Memorable Moment: Meeting and being named by the HM the Queen in 2012

Police Horse Quantock

Name: Quantock

Age: 8 years old

Height: 17hh

Years in the force: 2 years

Favourite Food: Anything!

Memorable Moment: Eating the fire alarm switch next to his stable and setting the alarms off! (He has a naughty side!)

Police Horse Redland

Name: Redland

Age: 18 years old

Height: 17.2hh

Years in the force: 12 years

Favourite Food: Carrots

Memorable Moment: Policing the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Park

Police Horse Sedgemoor

Name: Sedgemoor

Age: 8 years old

Height: 17.2hh

Years in the force: 1 year

Favourite Food: Mints (Polo’s are a particular favourite!)

Memorable Moment: Policing the floods on the Somerset Levels, hence how he got his name.

Keep up to date with the mounted section by following them on Twitter @ASPolice .