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Road Smart: New scheme to reduce road casualties

In just one year in Avon and Somerset, 452 people were killed or seriously injured on our roads. Around one third of these were young people aged 17 to 24.

To help reduce this figure we are running a free education course for drivers, and learner drivers, in the force area.

Road Smart is available for all drivers but we are especially keen to encourage young drivers to attend the session.

Why join the course?

The course has been specially created on behalf of Avon and Somerset Police. It aims to raise awareness of potential hazards on the roads and build on motorists’ existing driving knowledge and experience.

  • 95% of all collisions are caused by human error
  • 1 in 5 new drivers will have a crash within their first six months of driving
  • Road crashes are the biggest single killer of young people in the UK

Some insurance companies will offer a discount to young drivers who have completed the workshop.

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What does the course involve?

The course is a one-off interactive session and is held at venues across the force area. It is based on the successful training package that is used for driver awareness courses nationally.

One of the volunteers who took part in a pilot session of the workshop, Rowan, said:

“I thought the course was brilliant, really helpful and that everyone should do it.”

Supt Ian Smith said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to benefit from a free course that could be a life-saving opportunity.

“The training is delivered by the TTC group, a professional road safety education provider. The national course this is based upon is widely hailed as excellent and thought-provoking and really does influence driver behaviour.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens said: “I am delighted Avon and Somerset Police have designed a unique road safety package to further educate all road users, but particularly young drivers."

"Too often I hear of tragic incidents involving young drivers and I am very supportive of initiatives to help prevent this.”

How do I join the course?

The scheme launched in April and will run for 12 months. Sessions are available at various locations each month. There are two versions of the session, one for young drivers (aged 17 to 24) and one for other drivers.

If you are, or know of, a young driver who would like to join this course, or you are aged 25 or over and interested in attending, go to for further details.

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