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Report assault

Assault is when a person makes you fear that immediate violence will be used against you, or when they do use violence against you.

What is common assault?

Common assault is when a person either assaults another person or commits battery.

Assault could be anything from shaking a fist or running a finger across a throat. No force needs to be applied in order for it to be an assault.

Battery is the application of unlawful force. This could be anything from a push or slap, to serious violence.

Immediate danger

Call 999 immediately if you witness an assault taking place.

What is actual bodily harm?

Actual bodily harm (ABH) is when the action causes harm to the person’s body.

The harm is not necessarily serious but it would need to be more than a shove, which would be classed as a common assault.

Harm, such as bruises, scratches and bite marks, are examples of ABH.

What is grievous bodily harm?

Grievous bodily harm is when the action results in the serious wounding of another person, such as being stabbed.

Report an assault which has already taken place

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