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Report online bullying and threatening messages

If someone is sending you threatening messages or harassing you online, this could amount to a criminal offence.

Immediate danger

Call 999 if you feel in immediate danger.

Social media messages

Some messages and posts on social media may be upsetting, distasteful or express an unpopular view but are not necessarily criminal. You should report abuse to the social media site administrators.

The police will only deal with messages which are:

  • a threat to a person’s life, safety or property
  • targeting specific individuals, including persistent harassment and ongoing abuse
  • a breach of court orders, including identifying people protected by law
  • grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or false and of a malicious nature

When reporting to the police, keep a record or screenshot of the messages, who sent them and when.

Report messages sent via social media

If you have received offensive or threatening messages via social media, you can report it:

Keep children safe online

The NSPCC provides guidance and support to help keep children safe online. Visit the NSPCC website to learn about online safety.

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