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Report prostitution

Prostitution is the practice of selling sex for money. It is legal in the UK for a person to buy sexual services or work as a private prostitute or escort.

The following related activities are illegal:

  • for a prostitute to loiter or conduct solicitation in a street or public place
  • kerb crawling (wait for or solicit business in a street or public place, including in a vehicle)
  • pimping (controlling prostitutes for financial gain)
  • keeping a brothel (a place used for the purpose of prostitution. It is an offence for a landlord, tenant or anyone else to be involved in the running of a brothel)
  • advertising the services of call girls by placing cards in phone boxes
  • having sex in public

When reporting prostitution, try to provide any:

  • names
  • addresses or locations
  • ages or age ranges
  • number plates, if any vehicles are involved
  • details as to why you suspect prostitution

Report concerns about prostitution

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