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Report underage drinking

Underage drinking can damage the health of young people, create problems in our communities, and fuel anti-social behaviour.

It is against the law for someone under 18 to:

  • buy or try to buy alcohol
  • be sold alcohol
  • ask an adult to buy or attempt to buy alcohol for them
  • drink alcohol in licensed premises (for example, a pub or restaurant)

If someone under 18 is caught drinking in public, they could be stopped, fined or arrested.

Young adults aged 16 or 17 and who are accompanied by an adult, are allowed to drink (but not buy) beer, wine or cider with a meal.

When underage drinking, try to provide any:

  • names of the drinker, buyer, or seller
  • addresses or locations
  • ages or age ranges
  • other details

Report underage drinking

You can report underage drinking, or someone supplying alcohol to young people:

Report drunken behaviour

Find out how to report drunken behaviour.

Guidance and support

For further information, visit the Drinkaware website.

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