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Report vehicle cloning

Vehicle cloning is when a criminal puts your vehicle’s number plate on another vehicle to hide their identity and perform criminal activity.

Other reasons people do this is to avoid speeding tickets, parking fines, toll, and congestion charges.

If your vehicle has been cloned, be aware that a police marker will be added to your registration number. This means it is very likely you will be stopped anytime, anywhere in the UK until we are confident the cloned vehicle has been removed from the road.

Cloned vehicles are only ever used for criminality and as such officers will not know which vehicle they are stopping until they have completed thorough checks, so be patient when you are stopped.

If it is subsequently discovered that a fraudulent claim of cloning has been made, you may be subject to police action which might include charges of perverting the course of justice.

If you think your vehicle has been cloned

You may not be aware your vehicle has been cloned until you receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice and you do not believe it to be your vehicle, you need to contact the local authority who issued the ticket to dispute it. The issuing authority may investigate and will inform the police if required.

If you believe your vehicle has been cloned, you can report it using our dedicated vehicle cloning form.

If you have proof your vehicle has been cloned, such as photos or video footage issued from local authority, you will need to report this to Action Fraud.

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