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Request crime information

If you are an insurance company or a representative, you can apply for information relating to a crime reported by your insured party in accordance with the NPCC/ABI sharing protocol Appendix D (a).

Insurers or their representatives can request relevant and proportionate information held by the police in line with this process, such as:

  • crime reference number
  • date and time of loss
  • reporting person and location of crime
  • additional information, if it is justified as being necessary

To request and pay for a disclosure of information held by the police, fill in the request crime information form (Appendix D (a)).


The current charge for this service is £156.72.

Fraudulent claims

If you have evidence to support your suspicion of insurance fraud, we can provide information under Schedule 2 of the Data Protection Act 2018, where failure to disclose might lead to a crime being committed.

If you suspect fraud, download and complete Appendix E (PDF), and email to

There is no fee for this service.

Further information

For more information, email the Data Protection team at

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