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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Anti-social behaviour/Street Drinking

Anti-social behaviour has been identified within the town centre, particularly at evenings and weekends by groups of youths. Alongside added patrols in the key locations, we are following up these incidents with the use of ASB powers and tools such as letters and contracts prohibiting youths from particular areas of the town.


  • Wednesday 1st September, 2021

    The Beat Team continue to monitor and target anyone causing Anti-social behaviour in Bridgwater town centre.

    We currently have over 20 individuals on Anti-Social Behaviour plans / contracts who are closely monitored.

  • Sunday 18th October, 2020

    A particular group of youths that continue to cause ASB within the town centre have been named and identified, meaning they are being dealt with by the anti-social behaviour team. This will lead to them being issued letters and warning and this can increase to contracts to keep them out of the town.

  • Wednesday 15th January, 2020

    We continue to issue warning letters to parents of youths causing anti-social behaviour, one youth will be served a Community Protection Warning for escalating anti-social behaviour, we will also be applying for a civil injunction against a youth causing ongoing continual anti social behaviour.

  • Friday 25th October, 2019

    The town centre team continue to deal robustly with youths who continue to cause anti-social behaviour. Five youths are now subject to anti-social behaviour contracts.

  • Wednesday 4th September, 2019

    The town centre team are dealing with youths causing Anti-social behaviour robustly, delivering ASB letters to parents. There is now enough evidence for some youths to soon be issued Community Protection Warnings.

  • Tuesday 3rd September, 2019

    The Neighbourhood Policing Team are doing regular patrols within the town centre to tackle incidents of anti social behaviour. They are also working with partner agencies to look at how to address this.

  • Thursday 1st August, 2019

    Four youths have been identified as causing Anti-social behaviour in Bridgwater town centre, all have received Anti-social behaviour letters hand delivered to their parents.

  • Monday 1st July, 2019

    The Beat Team continue to monitor and target anyone causing Anti-social behaviour in Bridgwater town centre.

  • Tuesday 11th June, 2019

    There are now four town centre PCSO’s targeting area’s of ASB in and around the town centre.

  • Friday 3rd May, 2019

    In response we have added a new member of staff to bolster numbers. We will be completing targeted patrols of problem areas and ASB tools and powers used against offenders.

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