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Tyre Extinguishers

In recent months there have been incidents of tyres being deflated on vehicles across many areas of Bristol including Clifton, this is part of a nationwide/world campaign by a group known as the TYRE EXTINGUISHERS.

The aim of the group is to “disable” 4×4 and SUV vehicles as they believe they are polluting and dangerous.

The group will normally leave a flyer with the vehicle to advise of their actions and their reasoning behind this.

Please check your vehicle prior to driving and if you see a crime taking place, please call 999.

If you wish to report a crime call 101 or report online.



  • 7 February 2024

    Overnight, from 4/1/24 – 5/1/24, there were more recorded offences for damage to vehicles in the Clifton area.

    Police have been carrying out CCTV enquiries around Clifton and speaking to potential witnesses.

  • 30 November 2023

    More incidents occurred in the Clifton area in mid November. Whilst some footage has been sent to police of potential people involved,  we would encourage anyone who is a victim and not yet contact us to please call or email the local neighbourhood team. Any CCTV footage would be of a valuable evidential use.

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