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Anti-social parking on Stapleton Road

Within the Easton area on Stapleton Road, we are experiencing a high increase in anti-social parking, such as double parking, parking on white zig zags near zebra crossings, and obstructing footpaths. The Easton beat will be tackling this by increasing patrols on Stapleton Road and dealing with the above offences accordingly.


  • Wednesday 15th March, 2023

    The Easton neighbourhood team are continuing to monitor that anti-social parking on Stapleton, on the 27th February the team conducted a joint operation for Bristol city council parking services to issue tickets to vehicle parked illegally.

    If you have any issues regarding illegally parked vehicles please call 101 or in emergency call 999.

  • Wednesday 11th January, 2023

    Officers are continuing to tackle the dangerous and inconsiderate parking, and the Easton Neighbourhood team worked with the council parking services issuing tickets for illegal parking on 11 January 2023.

  • Wednesday 16th November, 2022

    The local neighbourhood team continue to monitor this, and we are still issuing tickets for the dangerous or inconsiderate parking.

    We have made our joint Bristol City Council parking services operation a regular monthly event. Can we ask you are mindful when parking your vehicle.

  • Tuesday 6th September, 2022

    The Easton neighbourhood team continue to conduct patrols of Stapleton road to tackle the ongoing anti-social parking, We are continuing to conduct joint operations with Bristol City Council issuing tickets to those parked on pavement, zig zags and causing obstruction.

    We will be working with Bristol City Council on 13 September.

  • Wednesday 25th May, 2022

    On 24 May between 19:00-22:00 Easton NPT conducted a joint traffic operation with the Bristol City Council parking services, 37 tickets were issued during this time.

    Tickets were issued by PCSOs for double parking and obstructing footpaths.

    Tickets were issued by Bristol City council for parking on double yellow lines.

    This operation will become a regular arrangement so please be mindful regarding your parking on Stapleton Road.

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