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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Frome Rural Priority – Theft

The Rural Beat Team are working with the communities to offer crime prevention advice and also to conduct targeted patrols to give local residence some reassurance.

We would strongly encourage everybody to secure and mark their property where possible, for our farming community we recommend fitting trackers to high value machinery as standard practice.

The rural Beat team will also be visiting village location in the community contact vehicle so local residents can speak at first hand with officers about any issues or concerns they may have.


  • Saturday 21st August, 2021

    Rural officers have been out to visit Farms recently, the victim of fuel thefts. Intelligence has been gathering which we hope to use to target criminals who steal fuel. Alarm padlocks have been provided to Victims to help boost their security of sheds and fuel containers.

  • Sunday 8th August, 2021

    Recently Frome Neighbourhood Team has cracked down on wildlife offences with a successful stop and search of poachers. Two catapults and ball-bearings were seized. The poachers are currently under investigation for taking bird species with the catapults. All birds are now protected by law. Species such as wood Pidgeon, previously classed as a pest species, can only be culled with a reasonable excuse such as danger to public health or significant damage to crops – evidence of which would need to be provided if requested by the courts. Poaching is often associated with other rural crimes such as farm thefts.


  • Wednesday 7th July, 2021

    In recent weeks we have seen a reduction in rural theft. During patrols visiting repeat victims the neighbourhood team have been distributing property marking kits called SelectaDNA.

    This is a invisible mark only seen under UV light which helps us return stolen property back to the rightful owners.

  • Saturday 12th June, 2021

    The Neighbourhood Policing Team has seen a slight increase in farm and rural thefts. Most recently, Ifor Williams trailer and horse tack have been targeted by thieves.
    We strongly encourage all Farmers, Riders and Smallholders to join our free Horse and Farm-watch scheme. This will give you an early alert if the Police become aware of thieves operating in the local area. Signage is also provided, which acts as a deterrent.
    The Neighbourhood Team have also used SelectaDNA, a sophisticated liquid property marker, to mark repeat victims property. Selecta DNA helps Police return stolen property and prove that items do not belong to the criminals.
    If you would like to join one of our watch schemes, please call 101 or search;

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