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Criminal Activity/Vehicle Interference

A number of reports have been received from residents in Henleaze and Westbury-on-Trym reporting overnight vehicle interference – this typically involves males who will tour residential areas in the late night/early hours of the morning trying to open car door handles to see if the vehicles have been left insecure. We believe they are trying to find anything of value within the vehicle to steal.

If you find that this has happened to you, please contact 101 in all instances and please let us know if you have CCTV footage of any activity of this kind.

If you notice anyone acting in a suspicious manner or see anyone trying car door handles, PLEASE CALL 999 IMMDEDIATELY and try to get a description of them, the vehicle registration if applicable and their direction of travel (going up or down the road) and a photo on your mobile phone if given the opportunity and not placing yourself at risk.

Intelligence led overt and covert mobile patrols are being conducted in around the Henleaze and Westbury On Trym areas with the objective of apprehending the person/s responsible, and being better placed to respond more effectively to any reports of an incident in progress.


  • 11 October 2023

    We have now begun to give out “Defender Pouches” to car owners who have been victims of this type of crime. These pouches prevent criminals access your vehicle remotely.

    Please always ensure that your vehicle is locked and fully secure when leaving it, with ALL property completely out of view or removed from the vehicle. If you have suspicions of any type of vehicle interference occurring in your area, please call us on 101 and let us know.

    If you have ANY CCTV footage of vehicle interference occurring, please call us on 101 to report this so that we can view and where possible obtain this footage from you and identify the persons involved. It is imperative that any footage available be reported as soon as possible – intelligence from the public is of paramount importance to progress investigations in these matters.


  • 26 April 2022

    Whilst there seems to be less reports about this issue of late, we are keen to continue to encourage residents to ensure that their vehicle is locked and secured at all times and that all valuables are removed from sight.

    Please also contact us with any CCTV footage that you may have showing suspicious activity in regards to persons undertaking vehicle interference (trying car door handles etc.) whether they manage to gain entry or not. This could be VITAL in helping us identify offenders.



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