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ASB and criminal damage at Somerset Road

Priority closed

  • This priority is now closed as a result of the actions below.
  • If you have any questions or issues concerning this priority, you can contact the Neighbourhood Policing team using the contact form on the Neighbourhood Policing page.

In response to a rise in Motor Vehicle Damage and Anti-Social Behaviour, officers will be increasing patrols in the area. The Officer in Charge of this priority is: PS Joe Iles.

This priority has been established through consultations at community meetings and resident forums. If you have any information or concerns in relation to this, then please use the ‘Contact the Team’ form at the bottom of our beat page.


  • 27 February 2024

    There have been no crime reports on Somerset Road since the 12th January. Whilst patrols will continue in the area this priority will be closed.

  • 17 February 2023

    The team have increased patrols in the area and have completed a letter drop to all the residents on Somerset Road. There have been no further reports between 12/01/2024 and 09/02/2024.

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