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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know


To disrupt and dismantle drug dealing and drug-related Anti-social behaviour in the area of Lockleaze.


  • Thursday 3rd September, 2020

    If you have any information relating to drugs from the dealing to the supply or suspicious activity, doesn’t matter how insignificant you may think it is, it just may be the missing link. Please report it to us on 101 or through our website or CrimeStoppers.

    It does take time to build a picture and helps us to secure that Warrant and disrupt the drugs chain.

  • Sunday 2nd August, 2020

    Recent Warrant has been obtained and executed. Please keep reports coming in as we do take every report seriously and this helps us to build a bigger picture and secure a Warrant.


  • Wednesday 13th November, 2019

    Please do continue to let us know about any drugs information in the Lockleaze area, however small you may think it is as this may be our missing link towards the evidence needed to be able to obtain that Warrant.

  • Sunday 13th October, 2019

    Please tell us any intelligence no matter how insignificant you feel it might be, coming in as you may have the missing jigsaw puzzle that helps us get a warrant.

  • Wednesday 4th September, 2019

    We do take drugs very seriously. It does take time to build a picture of what, when, where.

    To get this picture we need your help. Please, even if you think it is small, this may be the missing link to our jigsaw puzzle and maybe the little bit of information we need to get a warrant and search for drugs.

    So if you have any information that will assist us to please either call 101 or report to CrimeStoppers which is totally anonymous.

  • Monday 1st April, 2019

    Another successful find recently. Please keep letting us know of any drug-related information, even if you think it is nothing – it might be the missing jigsaw puzzle to us!

  • Friday 1st March, 2019

    We have had a couple of successful finds recently and this is only possible with your help. Please keep reporting this to us or CrimeStoppers even if you think it isn’t worth it, it really is! More drugs off the streets.

  • Thursday 7th February, 2019

    On-going patrols and evidence building is on-going, watch this space!!!

  • Monday 3rd September, 2018

    Warrant executed in Lockleaze and cannabis factory shut down. The estimated value of £250K including seizure of a weapon.

  • Sunday 11th February, 2018

    Drugs Warrant executed at a property in the Eden Grove / Ruskin Grove. Negative result

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