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Farm and agriculture crime prevention

Every year rural crime costs millions of pounds and causes untold anxiety across the farming communities in the UK. We recognise that modern farming is often a lonely life and rural crime is adding to the pressures which are resulting in growing feelings of isolation and depression.

In 2020 rural crime cost the UK an estimated £43.3m. (Source NFU Mutual rural crime report 2021)

Farms and outbuildings contain large amounts of valuable equipment which thieves often target – machinery / plant, Quads / ATVs, tools and fuel.

The rural affairs unit will be working with our farming communities, landowners and partner agencies carrying out visits and attending events across the force area to promote and implement preventative measures and initiatives in the coming months.


  • Monday 28th November, 2022

    The rural affairs unit recently attended an NFU rural crime prevention showcase event, this was a great opportunity to engage with our farming community. Delivering relevant preventative advice, best practice and encouraging all farmers to join our Farm watch scheme. The event was attended by a good number of farmers in the Ilminster area.

  • Wednesday 26th October, 2022

    The last month has seen a rise of agriculture trailer theft across the force. We are urging our farming communities to be vigilant and review their security measures. Here are some security tips:

    • Record trailer serial numbers and photograph your trailer. A photo will assist publicity and possible recovery should you become a victim of theft. Record obvious damage and repairs which may help with identification. The above advice is vital. Store on


    • Having your trailer marked, security marked with forensic property marking systems such as SELECTA DNA, DATATAG. You could also mark in several areas – e.g. by painting on your post code / farm name really bold to deter theft.


    • Secure your trailer using a wheel clamp, hitch lock.


    • Chaining items together and securing to a solid structure / appropriate ground anchor with a high rated CEN padlock and chain.


    • The removal of wheels if your trailer is not going to be used for a period and store them in a separate place than the trailer itself.


    Advice: We recommend the use of security products which are compliant with the appropriate British Standard, in addition look for products that carry the Sold Secure or Secured by Design accreditation. These products have been tested and proven to resist a considerable level of attack. Suppliers of suitable accredited products can be found via these websites:

  • Friday 23rd September, 2022

    The rural affairs unit continued their trailer marking initiative at Sedgemoor agriculture market in partnership with Datatag and NFU. 25 trailers were security marked on the day, rural crime prevention delivered and new members signed up to our Farm watch scheme. More events to follow.

  • Tuesday 16th August, 2022

    The unit will be attending Sedgemoor agriculture market (Junction 24) on the 17th of September, where they will be running a crime prevention event. This event will mainly be focussed on preventing the theft of agriculture trailers, with collaborative working with partners DATATAG and NFU the unit will be offering Free marking of agriculture trailers (limited kits) during this event as well as giving some useful crime preventative advice to our farming communities.

  • Thursday 23rd June, 2022

    Members of the unit have been visiting victims of rural crime advising them of best preventative practices and encouraging our victims to record vehicle and machinery serial numbers and take photographs for reference. If your plant / machinery is stolen a photo will increase publicity and possibly aid the recovery of your stolen property.

    The unit have confirmed a second agriculture trailer marking event to be held on the 17th September, please see our events for further details.

  • Friday 27th May, 2022

    The rural affairs unit will be attending next weeks Royal Bath and west show, providing rural crime prevention advice. This will also be an opportunity for our farming and equine communities to sign up to our successful farm and horse watch schemes.

  • Thursday 28th April, 2022

    The unit attended Frome agriculture market this week, where they carried out a crime prevention event.

    This event was mainly focussed on preventing the theft of agriculture trailers.

    With collaborative working with partners DATATAG and NFU the unit managed to mark 38 agriculture trailers during the event as well as giving some useful crime preventative advice to our farming communities.

  • Thursday 14th April, 2022

    The Unit have organised and will be holding a crime prevention event in Frome later this month where agricultural trailers can be marked free of charge. The crime prevention event, which is being held in partnership with Datatag and the NFU and will be held at Frome Market from 9am – 2pm on Wednesday 27 April.

  • Saturday 26th March, 2022

    The rural affairs unit have attended an NFU event this week, where we discussed farm crime prevention and best practices, initiatives and how to implement them within the farming landscape. We will continue to attend events and individual victims to discuss and encourage best practices to protect your property.

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