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Anti Social Behaviour Market Cross. PSPO

Residents are reminded of the PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) that was implemented in July 2021 by Somerset County Council.  The PSPO extends through the whole of Mendip and  covers all intoxicating substances – drugs and alcohol.

It’s important to note that the PSPO is not an alcohol exclusion zone – the mere possession of alcohol within the restricted area is not an offence.  The PSPO does not restrict or prohibit families having a picnic in a park for example.

The PSPO provides powers to any authorised person dealing with those involved in ASB / likely to be involved in ASB, having consumed alcohol. The council have devolved powers to Police and PCSO for this purpose.

Under the PSPO an authorised person may request a person consuming alcohol to stop and give up the alcohol to the authorised person. If they do not, they are committing an offence and will be reported to the council who have powers to impose fines on those in breach of the PSPO. If they do, but are seen again in the same day drinking alcohol there is an automatic breach.

This is in addition to other Police powers used to manage alcohol related ASB in public spaces.

Find out more about Somerset CC Public Space Protection Orders;

Somerset Council PSPO






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