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Shepton Town Council have identified the use of e-scooters as a concern for Shepton residents and have asked Police to make this concern a priority.

Private e-scooters can only be used legally on private land with the landowner’s permission. They are not legal on any public highway, bridleway or pathway.

An e-scooter is a Powered Transporter

The term ‘powered transporters’ covers a variety of novel personal transport devices which are mechanically propelled (propelled by a motor) as well as or instead of being manually propelled. It includes e-scooters, Segways, hoverboards, go-peds (combustion engine powered kick-scooters), powered unicycles, and u-wheels. There is no separate legislation covering powered transporters, BUT given how they are motorised and designed they fall within the definition of a motor vehicle and are covered by the same laws and regulations covering all motor vehicles.

Private and rented e-scooters

An e-scooter may be owned privately or may be rented. Rental e-scooters are available in some larger cities and are easily identifiable. These scooters are road legal as insurance is covered by the hire company.

Privately owned e-scooter cannot be insured and therefore cannot be used on the road, bridleway or public highway.

How are Police dealing with e-scooters?

Our stance is to educate in the first instance. A warning can be issued explaining the law and possible penalties. The rider must understand they cannot ride the e-scooter again. If they are caught for a second time the e-scooter will be seized and destroyed and they will be reported for relevant driving offences.


  • 24 April 2024

    Police are aware of a small number of scooters currently being used on the road in Shepton Mallet. Our policy remains to engage and educate with enforcement as a last resort.  If you’re using a private e-scooter you risk the vehicle being seized under S.165 Road Traffic Act 1988 for no insurance.





  • 22 January 2024

    If you allow your child to ride an e-scooter you are still responsible for the e-scooter, the welfare of the child and any outcome from traffic offences. E-Scooters are not toys, they are motorised vehicles in law and must not be ridden or used on;

    • Roads; because they cannot be insured
    • Pavements or footpaths; in the same way as the law prohibits the use of any vehicle on the pavement
    • Parks or public spaces; as vehicles are prohibited from parks and open spaces

    You may use your e-scooter in your garden, driveway or on privately owned land (not council owned).

    The difference between a bicycle, e-bike and an e-scooter is that an e-scooter relies entirely on its onboard motor for propulsion.


  • 13 October 2023

    Parents are asked to remind themselves of the law regarding powered transporters before purchasing as gifts. No retailer is able to provide purchasers with a licence or valid reason why these products are within UK law. Parents and anyone considering purchasing a powered transporter should ensure that the retailer, on-line or in person, is advising customers in line with current UK regulations and is not providing advice based on law or practise outside of the UK.

    Advice from Police 



  • 16 August 2023

    We continue to be proactive regarding the use of e-scooters on roads and footpaths. We are aware that young people on e-scooters are vulnerable to theft with e-scooters being seized by thieves, sometimes as the e-scooter is being ridden. Parents are asked to regulate the use of e-scooters by children, particularly in regard to the law. Any powered transporter found without insurance on the road or footpath is liable to be seized by Police.

    E-Scooters may only be used on private land with the permission of the owner.



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