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Shepton Town Council have identified Graffiti around the town as an area of concern and have asked Police to make this into a beat priority.

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti is a term sometimes used to describe a form of art but from a policing perspective, in its more general form, it can be anything (not exclusive) from an etching, drawing, sticker or painting onto property either in the open or inside a building.

Is Graffiti illegal?

In Policing terms it is Criminal Damage. The creation of the graffiti can also involve other offences such as trespass, anti-social-behaviour and harassment.

Why? It’s just a wall (sign, bus shelter, etc.)

Unless you own the property, it’s not yours to paint or write on. There is no permission implied by leaving a wall or other surface unpainted or unguarded.


You my be arrested for causing Criminal Damage. You may have to appear in court. If you are under eighteen your parents will be involved. You may receive a criminal record, have to pay a fine or you may agree to pay for the damage to be repaired.







  • 26 March 2024

    Police are currently investigating an occurrence of tagging in the area of Shepton Prison. The persons responsible have been quickly identified and have already carried out restorative acts; removing the paint from the damaged walls. This investigation was led by members of the public who challenged the persons responsible and called Police.

  • 2 January 2024

    In December, Police dealt with a young person who admitted to defacing a structure in Shepton Town with spray paint. Police are committed to discovering those who commit criminal damage with spray paint, markers etc.

    If you see anyone defacing walls or structures, please call 999. If you know of anyone involved in this but don’t want to speak to Police, please contact Crimestoppers. Your call is 100% anonymous.



  • 13 October 2023

    We continue to be proactive regarding tagging and spray painting of walls and street furniture in Shepton Mallet. We are collecting evidence regarding tagging and hope to speak to young people involved shortly.

    We invite residents who have noticed new damage to walls etc. to contact Shepton Police by 101 or the force website.

  • 16 August 2023

    Graffiti and criminal damage continues to be an issue in town; Five occurrences were reported in June and nine in July. Parents are asked to be mindful of the possession and use of large pens and markers, spray paint cans etc. Shepton NPT will visit shopkeepers and remind them that they are able to voluntarily restrict the sale of items to young people.

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