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Greenhill Road/Greenfield Walk, Midsomer Norton – ASB

Priority closed

  • This priority is now closed as a result of the actions below.
  • If you have any questions or issues concerning this priority, you can contact the Neighbourhood Policing team using the contact form on the Neighbourhood Policing page.

There have been reports that a group of children have been causing anti-social behaviour in GREENHILL ROAD which is also affecting residents of GREENFIELD WALK in MIDSOMER NORTON. Damage has been caused to gardens.


  • 21 January 2024

    There have been no further reports of ASB in Greenhill Road area. As stated in the last update, this priority will be closed pending any further calls of ASB in the area.

    We ask that our community keep us up to date by reporting any incidents to the police via 101 or the police website. As always, call 999 if an immediate response is required.

  • 26 November 2023

    The Neighbourhood Team have patrolled the area, however, no issues have been encountered. The further reports have been called in recently.

    We will keep this priority for now, but if there are no more reports by next month’s priority review then we will close this priority pending further incidents.

  • 14 October 2023

    Patrols have been continued in the area. No further reports of anti-social behaviour and nothing to report from neighbourhood team’s patrols. We will continue to monitor.

  • 25 September 2023

    The Neighbourhood Team have now been made aware of the issues and will be including the two locations on late shifts whenever possible.

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