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Anti-Social Behaviour in Sea Mills and Stoke Bishop.

It is that time of year again where we are expected to see an increase in Anti Social behaviour with the return of Halloween and Bonfire night.

You local neighbourhood policing team are working with shops in your community to ensure, eggs, flour and fireworks are not being sold to anyone under the age of 18 during this period.  This will hopefully help reduce anti social behaviour.

I would like to reassure the residents that the neighbourhood team will be conducted targeted patrols in the area.

I would encourage residents who are effect by the increase of Anti-Social Behaviour by these youths to call 999 if the incident is in progress or report past incidents via 101.


  • Thursday 26th May, 2022

    Your local neighbourhood policing team are still actively patrolling Sea Mills, including the ASB hot spots.  We are actively engaging with youths in the area in a positive manner and dealing with anti social behaviour when we get calls.

  • Wednesday 13th April, 2022

    With the Easter Break upon us, we will be continuing to conduct active patrols of the Sea Mills and Stoke Bishop area.

    Please can I remind residents to call in any incidents of Anti Social Behaviour to ensure we are aware of these incidents and take appropriate action.

  • Wednesday 1st December, 2021

    We are still getting calls in and around the Sea Mills area regarding youths causing ASB.

    your local neighbourhood team have been able to identify a few of these youths and are working together with our ASB team to prevent further offences occurring.

    We would encourage anyone who has been effected by ASB to call the police on 999 if the incident is in progress or 101 to report an incident which has happened in the past.  Reporting such incidents allows us to build a pattern of behaviour and in response we are able to target our patrols around ASB hotspots.

  • Thursday 2nd September, 2021

    Calls regarding ASB in the Sea Mills area have reduced.  We are still getting a few calls regarding youths in Stoke Lodge playing fields and therefore would encourage calls to be made if you are a victim of ASB in this area.

  • Tuesday 1st June, 2021

    Calls regarding these youths have dramatically reduced in recent months, however, we the police are still monitoring the situation and the youths involved.

    I would encourage residents to call any incidents of ASB in for our awareness.

  • Monday 25th January, 2021

    We are continuing to conduct high visibility patrols in the area and would encourage residents to call in any incidents regarding the youths in the area.

  • Friday 15th January, 2021

    A number of youths have been identified from speaking to partners.  From this we have been visiting the youths at their home address in company with their parents to make them aware of their children’s behaviour.

    From this Anti-Social Behaviour letters have been sent out to these children.

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