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Independent Advisory Groups

Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) are a way for communities and organisations across the force area to build trust and improve policing.

IAGs help us to tackle issues that may cause concern to local people, communities and businesses. They do this by offering guidance, insight, and where needed, acting as critical friends to the Constabulary.

IAG members are volunteers drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds, holding a wide variety of interests, and having a willingness to stand up for their communities. More information can be found in the IAG Handbook (PDF).

What is the purpose of an IAG?

IAGs play an important role in forming positive relationships between the police and the public. They have several overarching objectives:

  • To act as a ‘critical friend’ in matters relating to policing issues that directly affect or concern our communities. They challenge us and hold us to account on behalf of the communities we serve.
  • To provide support and a knowledge sharing link between communities and the police, to underpin our legitimacy.
  • To assist in training and education.
  • To support the force at all times by telling us what our communities really expect from us, and how they are feeling in regard to topical issues or events.

Which policing areas are covered?

IAGs are split into three main types:

Who can join?

We are keen to expand the membership of the IAGs to ensure they are representative of our communities.

We would like to hear from people from a variety of different backgrounds, gender, disability, age, race, sexual orientation, religion or belief, who have a desire to improve community relations with the police and work together to improve public confidence.

What is expected from members?

IAG members are expected to represent their communities and be willing and capable of engaging them effectively.

The IAGs meet at least four times a year. In addition to meetings, they may be invited to observe training or offer their views on matters that specifically relate to their particular community, skills or expertise.

Become a member

To apply to become an IAG member, complete:

You must complete both forms for your application be considered and include which IAG you are interested in joining.

The Strategic IAG is currently not open to new applicants. Specialist IAGs are only open to applicants that meet the requirements of that specific group.

Email your completed forms to StrategicIAG@avonandsomerset.police.uk.

The Amjid Ali Award

The Amjid Ali Award recognises the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) members making outstanding contributions to their communities. Find out more about the award.

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